Fish Soup Day

Boi, I fell like ah fish soup. Go to de garden and get some carrots, some figs, pepper. Also bring me some thyme, celery, and rosemary bush, I go cook dung de best fish soup ever. Which one yuh want, red snapper or flying fish eh? Never mind, I go chose. Now get dem ting and dem while I knead up the dough for the dumplings and dem. Oh and pick ah lime too. Yes me friend, I go cook dung some good waters wid nuff nuff ital. in dey. De whole village go want a taste yuh know, cause nobody could cook a fish soup like me, nobody.

Food Storyteller

Weekend in de country

Weekend in de country

Ahhhh boiled green figs, or bananas as you know it, plantains, and stew chicken, pour on the gravy from the chicken and a tll glass of freshly sqeezed lime juice and you have a perfect Grenadian lunch. Me Auntie used to cook dat de best yuh know. She never used de gas stove. In she kitchen, she had a build in concrete section, flat on top like a table. On it she had three rocks and she would cut campesh wood put them in de middle of the stones and light dem up. “Ah go never use dat gas stove, de best tasting food is dun under real fire.” I would sit in de living, listening to de pot boiling and de fire wood cracking as the sent ah the food filled de house and spilled out into the back yard. Dem children in de village would gravitate to de house, sitting round de mango tree, dey mounts watering. Me Auntie always feed dem too you know. After lunch we would sit under de tree telling stupid jokes, some ah we even fall asleep right day on the ground.