Parts Obeah

Blood is all they want (Soucouyants)

“Baron Samedi ou prel pini,” They stopped in front of the little people and evil smiles appeared on their faces. Their black eyes turned white then black again, their tongues were black and darted in and out of their mouths.

“Short Knees!”  Akosua shouted,

The Short Knees stopped stomping and stood silent for a second holding the pouches above their heads. Then in a blur they brought the pouches down spraying powder into the air.  The room became a thick white mist that blinded Akosua and her warriors. They coughed and sneezed, as powder floated into the air, then fell to the floor,, turning the brick floor from dark red to white. The Short Knees was stomping again, the jingle of the bells and white powder made it feel like Christmas and All Saints were the same celebration. When the powder settled, and Akosua and her warriors were able to see again, Ampah’s mother, the little people and the Short Knees had disappeared. Akosua sneezed then looked up.  Standing before them were eight Soucouyants, the wives of the Ligaroos, they were just as fierce as their husbands. The devil women stood, their skinless bodies glistened in the light from the torches, salvia dripped from their mouths, and their red eyes stared intently at Akosua and her warriors. Akosua took the club that was soaked in the salt from Nykene Mountain from her belt and prepared for an attack. Suddenly the Soucouyants attacked.  The first beast charged at Akosua and morphed into a bear. At first it came at Akosua on all four legs, but when it was close to her it stood up. The beast towered over her, its mouth open, its head trashing from side to side sending saliva floating everywhere. It swung its large paw just as Akosua swung her club.

The Soucouyant behind her changed into a cougar, its teeth almost as big as a ram’s horn. It jumped at Ampah; its large body blocked the light from the torch behind it, and for a second Ampah was not prepared for the attack and was knocked to the ground. The cougar stood over him saliva dripped from its mouth onto Ampah’s face. The boy fumbled on his belt to retrieve his pouch with the salt pellets, then grinded a handful into the cougar’s eyes. The beast roared, then jumped off of him and disappeared into the dark. The last two Soucouyants turned into giant wolves. Their canine scent filled the air as they rushed at the warriors. The warriors retaliated, swinging their clubs, warding off their attackers.

Several large snakes slithered towards the warriors, then stopped and stood straight up in s-shaped forms. They hissed, showing fangs as long as the clubs that the little people carried. They reared their heads back preparing to strike. The warriors moved in unison and as the snake’s heads came forward they swung their clubs. The snaked fell to the ground, steam floating from their bodies where the clubs had struck them. They turned and slithered away, disappearing beyond the light form the torches.

Akosua and her warriors stood waiting for the next wave of attacks. The room was filled with the sounds of roars, growls and hissing. Akosua swung her club just as the bear came at her, hitting the beast on the chest, its paw came close to her face, but when the animal was hit with the salted club it morphed back into Soucouyants. It stood and looked at Akosua, then at the others, a surprised expression on its face. Akosau turned and saw that one of the snakes had wrapped around one of the warriors. The young man gasped for air. She ran over to him and struck the snake with the club. The reptile immediately morphed and retreated to where the other Soucouyants stood. A wolf charged at them, but right before it could slam into Akosua, Ampah struck it with his club, and the animal morphed in midair landing upright on its feet. Then as suddenly as the attack started, it ended and the room was empty.

Akosua and the warriors stood, their clubs at the ready, anticipating another wave of attacks. Suddenly, the torches went out and they were plunged into darkness. Akosua’s skin tightened, her muscles constricted, and sweat rolled down her forehead.

“I can’t see anything,” Ampah said,

“Stand your ground,” Akosua said. The Soucouyants came at them in the dark, their voices echoing in the empty room. Akosua was grabbed from behind and she felt teeth pressing down on her neck. She twisted her body and threw her attacker off. The beast grunted as she hit the ground. Another Soucouyant jumped on her and wrapped her arm around her neck. The girl struggled to escape, spinning around, causing powder to fill the air. She heard the screams of her friends as they struggled to fight off the assailants.  Slowly, the spear glowed, filling the room with white light. The Soucouyants seemed stunned by the light, and the one that had its arm around Akosua’s neck loosened her hold. Akosua took the opportunity to retrieve the bag of salt from her belt, took out a handful, and threw it into the beast’s face. The Soucouyant howled, covering her face with her hands. Steam floated off her face. Mixture of melted flest and loose skin ran down her hand and dropped onto the floor. The other Sooucouyants stood, as if hypnotized by the light.