The New World

These day, we exist in a culture with vain aspirations

Eagles with wings too heavy to take flight

Sheep with gold nuggets for eyes

Horses with legs too short to gallop.

We are not a reflection of every creature around us

For we are inhibited by our own intelligence

Fooled by our own wisdom

Short changed by cultural structures

Misrepresented by conflicting spirituality.

And yet we keep on believing

While prejudice takes the place of pride


Flight in the Morning

So here I was right, I am standing on the edge of a cliff that dropped forty feet into the ocean. I was sweating, I felt dizzy, but more important, I was hoping the birds flying back and forth in front of me would not change directions and come my way. The wind was strong at first, but it died down, and I closed my eyes and slowly, I felt like I was flying, with the birds now beside me. Then I felt the wind, warm as it bounced off my skin, then gently fades away, and the air was still and I was still.