The World Cup

ohhhh the world cup reminds me of me and my brothers watching it, Pele, oh the great Pele, how we would make a mess of Mommy Charle’s living room. Throwing cushions. Yelling at the TV, knocking over drinks, and ever so often, a curse word would escape, then one of us would run to the living room door to see if Mommy Charles heard it, because if she did, that was the end of football watching. It was one of the few times she would let us go wild in the well put together living room.

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Island Boy at the County Fair Art Work By Bonnie Moore Delong

Island Boy at the County Fair Art Work By Bonnie Moore Delong

Laughter fills the are
Cotton Candy melts I the hands of children
Ice cream with sprinkles on top
The scent of food cooking
Games of chance for every age
Petting zoo with goats, sheep other animals
4H shows with proud little faces
Rides that take you up and around
Round and round, till your head spins
This island boy, is deep in the country
Taking in the sights at the county fair