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From Obeah

Akosua got to the tunnel that led to the path down the mountain, but turned up instead of going down. She walked to a rock that was the highest point on the mountain and looked out at the darkness. She stood and took the spear out of its goat skin holster, and held it up to the sky, and stood there for a second. The spear glowed so Henry positioned himself behind a rock and watched. Akosua stood her head to the sky as she mumbled. Suddenly out of the dark a figure approached her. Henry ran to her, but he slipped on the pebbles on the path and fell. He looked up just in time to see the figure reach out and grab the spear. Akosua tried to hold on to it, but stumbled and fell off the rock. Henry scrambled on his hands and knees trying to get to her.

As he was getting back up to his feet the mountain lit up with a brilliant white light. He stood up and watched the figure; it stood lit up just like Akosua when she first touched the spear. The blinding white reached the sky. And even the stars were like shadows against it. Henry heard the figure laugh as the power of the spear rushed through him. Light shot out of his mouth, as if trying to from the noise that his laughter made. Suddenly the figure screamed, as the light from the spear grew brighter. It lit up the mountain top and the jungle thousands of feet below. Henry looked over the edge, he saw the tops of trees that grew out of the mountain side. Birds soared around the mountain disturbed by the light, wild goats retreated stumbling on the rocks. Henry put his hands over his eyes to protect them from the light. Small white beams penetrated the clouds, giving the impression that solid streaks of raindrops was showering down from the heavens. The figure screamed in pain, as white light exploded from his body making him look translucent, as small beams of white light escaped his body. Henry got to the base of the rock and looked around for Akosua, but did not see her. He began to run towards the figure using his hand to block the light. Just as he was about to reach out and grab the spear Akosua appeared next to him,

“No Henry!” She screamed. Henry stopped and looked at the figure, the light had begun to dim and the mountain top became dark, until it was like before the figure grabbed the spear. Akosua reached out and grabbed the spear and the figure’s hand broke off, its fingers still wrapped around the stem of the spear. Henry stood and watched the figure; it was motionless, like a statue in a Catholic church. There was no more light coming from it, it stood just a dull white glow. Akosua touched it and put her finger on her tongue,

“Pure salt” she said. Slowly the feet of the figure began to crumble and it fell over the side of the mountain, Henry heard it hit the trees on its way down. He walked up to Akosua stood holding the spear

“That was the former Bokor leader. I knew someone had followed us here. It is a shame he could not join us,” she said as she put the spear back in its holster. It hung down her back almost touching the ground.

“Are you O K?” Henry asked. Akosua smiled,

POEMS Storyteller

Bring on the Fog (October 27th 1983)

So once again the darkness have besieged me

Ahhh, I can wallow in my depression

Sweat fog embrace me, make me whole

Shower me with delightful drops of uncertainty

Make my heart race with the anticipation of nothingness

No feeling, no questioning, guide me to that dull peace

Make me tingle with emotionless excitement

My heart beating, its thumping so faint a doctor could not find it

Now I am there, lying on a black rain cloud

Riding on a shooting star whose light went out millions of years ago.

Looking down on an earth without its blue glow

Daydreaming about sunshine, bright colours and cotton candy

I must wake up, but I can’t, it’s too peaceful here

Too comforting to my soul