POEMS Storyteller

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Where the rats smile at you like children before an ice cream feast
Where cock roaches hiss like the harmony of a church choir right before repentance
A soul on the devil’s plated, seasoned with hate and greed, a feast for the damned
A priest with your heart in his hand, promising purgatory
Fire ants crawling right under your skin like a wave of volcanic lava
Sitting in a foxhole watching the scavengers feast on what is left of humanity
Laying in the dark with shadows for company, spirits lost between death and living
Dreaming where you live or living in a dream you wish you can forget.

POEMS Storyteller

Where War Lives

In the crevices of a consciences

In the hearts of foolish men

In the trigger fingers of uncertainty

In the boots of frightened young men

In fields of foxholes

In a humanity afraid of what is different

In the souls of the uninformed

In history repeating

In the eyes of the beholder

In broken dreams

In the mouth of sooth Sayers

In promises kept and broken

In the lives of the less fortunate

POEMS Storyteller

The Way Back

let it go, let it go
I will be damned if I let humanity destroy me
take your false pretenses and feed it to the children
I see the sadness in their eyes
eat pills recreationally
you are a fool to think it makes life easier
drink your firewater
pray your consciousness is not devoured
eat poisonous fruit and hope to be satisfied
sleep with a cobra as a bedmate
I know you don’t understand
but who gives a rats ass
I am happy anyway
I will not let this stinking world
destroy my good nature