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A Selfie of Thoughts Artwork by Bonnie Moore Delong

A Selfie of Thoughts Artwork by Bonnie Moore Delong

Alone can sometimes be a beautiful thing
Left with your memories
Those that flash before
Like stories from a classic novel
Ideas forgotten, revitalized in solitude
Thoughts that drift as if in a slow motion tornado
Hidden by the debris of logic
Blurred by the lust for understanding
Alone with the cloud of expectations
Satisfied in the confusion

POEMS Storyteller

The Aftermath A soldier’s life

She lay in her room with her eyes open wide

Shadows dance on the ceiling above her

For she is dead when she is with the living

But alive when she is with the dead

She lay there welcoming the nightmares

For these people, their mutilated bodies

They understand, they know how she feels, they care

In a world of millions there are so many lonely people

She is one of the lucky ones, she has her nightmares

She wakes up in the morning not really wanting to face the world

For this world is not really her home

These people are not really her species

Strange faces, strange ideas where does she fit

POEMS Storyteller

Silent moments (1983)

 Don’t close your eyes, you might miss something

Stop for a moment, just listen you will be surprised at what you hear

For thoughts not expressed floats in the air like humming birds in mid flight

Ideas circle around your soul at night before you fall asleep

Feelings are covered with a layer of fear

Emotions are stifled by logic

Sooner or later, everyone chokes on reality

Especially when there is confusion

But if a moment passes and it is arrested by logic

That moment is buried, the passion never again felt

Everyone has the ability to stop time

Because time is just a series of moments

Moments that slips by unrecognized

Moments that can over shadow a million words spoken

Stop; let your soul listen because silent moments say the most.