Pics with verse Storyteller

Frozen Chocolate

Welcome to the frozen tundra, where mother nature have not sympathy for the tropical transplants. Sixteen degrees of pure skin numbing wind, slipping and sliding. So cold one can walk on water. My only escape is in my head, letting my imagination run away with meGrand Anse Beach

Ahhh I can feel the warmth. Sometimes letting one’s imagination run a marathon is the best medicine.


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After the first round and a short time of reflection, back to editing. Hope I go all the way through this time.

Pics with verse Storyteller


Free bird, free human
Free to roam the earth with you soul on your shoulders
Free to enjoy being captive by your imagination
Free to see the fallen race from every prospective
Because freedom is free
So feel free to freeup yourself
Like the bird, in open space
Captured by the sky, sea and sunrise

POEMS Storyteller

Randon Thoughts 1

I am walking on air, like a man with stilts but without the stilts

I am sitting in space on a raincloud with a storm in my heart

I am lusting for forgiveness, my indiscretions running like hot lava

I am surfing on a shooting star, dark moon cover my shameless soul

I am longing for love, my foolish imagination drifts away with butterflies on fire

I am searching for the right words to say, ideas float above me like birds without wings

I am spouting lyrics, they hurt like thorns without points

I am riding waves, never touching the water

I am romancing the calm before the storm

I am parasailing on a moonbeam

I am hating for the love of the human race



POEMS Storyteller

Let the Night

Let the Night

Let the night fall upon us, cover what ugly man has managed to create while awake.
Let the darkness engulf us, so all we hear is the sounds of the night
For sometimes it is better to hear than to see
Let your imagination create your world
No TV, no radio, no video games no modern distractions
Just you, the world, its melodies and darkness

Food Storyteller

Tropical feast

Tropical feast

A tropical feast that will make your mouth water if you smell it from a distance. Mommy Charles cooked the best, you could smell it from the classroom as you sat waiting impatiently, knowing that she was in the kitchen, mixing her magical spices and vegetables, oh and don’t forget the cram or lobster ohhhh yes, miles away and your imagination running wild with the scent and the taste.