Cool Runnings Storyteller

38th Installment of La Diablesse


I woke up slowly feeling the softness of some kind of material against me back so I relaxed letting me body sink into it. The air had a fresh sent kind of like me grandmother’s bedroom, I felt a little relief thinking that I must have been dreaming and I had just woken up in me own damn bed, tthat was until I rolled over and felt a sharp pain in me rib cage. I opened me eyes, the La Diablesse who had given me the speech the other day was sitting in a chair next to the Alter, there was a concerned look on she face as she leaned in. She beauty delayed me panic for a second and I sat up but I had to lie back down as an intense dizziness came over me. I looked up at the clouds whirling round in the sky they twirled like cotton candy in a cotton candy machine. I closed me eyes so as not to make meself sick, but the spinning sensation continued, I opened me eyes and slowly the fuzz that surrounded everything disappeared. I looked over at the La Diablesse and tried to sit up again, man, I hated lying down when I felt sick, the she demon was not smiling like she always was, but she did not seem angry either. She stood up and walked over to me.

“You need not exert yourself lay down.” She said using she hands to gentle push me back onto the Alter. When she was sure I had settled down she turned and walked out of the cave a mild scent of lilac filled the air reminding me of a small perfume store me mother used to work in. I lay down and looked up to the sky and the sun that was hovering over the opening; it was partly covered by a small cloud that was slowly floating by. A seagull flew by its screeching made me think of Sundays on the beach. The splash of a wind surfer as he fell, the laughter of children as they buried each other in the sand, the roar of an outboard engine as it propelled a small boat; I truly missed standing on the beach looking out at the ocean. I closed me eyes trying to will meself there, man I tell you what, the shadows of the clouds running its course on the shell-speckled sand would have been a welcomed sight right then. The seagull circled the opening of the cave as if contemplating on wither or not to explore the interior, it swooped into the opening but was startled by the darkness and flew back out circling bout three more times taunting me with its freedom then disappearing into the blue.

I sat up as the La Diablesse walked back into the cave holding a tray of food. Me belly rumbled and I attacked the food even before she sat it on the Alter next to me.

“You should slow down; you have been unconscious for a couple of days.” She was looking at me with an expression of disgust on she face so I took smaller bites of food all the while looking to see if she approved.

“You have made a bitter enemy in that Christine,” She said as if making an excuse for the warrior La Diablesse’s behaviour. “Now we have to keep her and her little sect away from you because I think she would kill you before we have time to use you.” I stopped eating and looked up at she and she saw the inquiring look in me eyes.

“Don’t worry, you might enjoy the ceremony. It is the aftermath you may not enjoy. Most men relax and enjoy the ceremony knowing their fate so I suggest you do the same thing.” She stopped talking and walked round the alter stopping to look up at the sky.

“Christine was one of the first to defy the Gods and join us. After the curse took effect on us she decided to stay here and not go back to Larilikan. She stayed on to help us with security but she is not allowed to participate in the ceremonies however we let she have her way with the men after. “ I listened as she spoke, then she stopped talking and saw that I had finished eating the food

“You need to get your strength back lay down, rest.” Then she turned and walked out of the cave taking the tray with she leaving me in the pale light. As I lay there I vividly remembered the beating I received at the hands of the warrior La Diablesse I mean that woman beat me ass real good. Small beads of sweat formed on me chest and then trickled down me sides as I sat up trying to stop the flow of thoughts in me head. The Alter was a lot softer because they had covered it with a thick piece of foam, there was a sheet over the foam its whiteness standing out in the dim light from the one torch next to the Alter, damn women had some compassion after all. I used the sheet to wipe off some of the moisture in the palm of me hands then got up and slowly began to walk round the cave pain racking me body as I moved. Me feet sank into the sandy floor as I walked it was real warm, me mind raced with ideas of how I would escape and the more I thought the faster I walked ignoring the frigging pain that coursed through me body.


38th Installment of La Diablesse Tomorrow. Tune in

38th Installment of La Diablesse Tomorrow. Tune in

Jane have tried everything. Talked to the police, some of Ian’s friends, now she is becoming frustrated. How will she fid him. She is in a strange country, beautiful, friendly, but there is thast dark side, the side that she how have to enter. Will she find Ian, or will she find herself prisoner to the other world,


39th Installment of La Diablesse WednesdaY

39th Installment of La Diablesse WednesdaY

So the La Daiblesse now have Ian, hmmmmm, I wonder what they have in store for him. He is all shackled to a rock, at their mercy, waiting for his fate. Too late now Ian, you should have believed. Tune in tomorrow to see what will be done to Ian.

Cool Runnings Storyteller

29th Installment of La Diablesse


I regained consciousness and opened me eyes, but it was pitch black and I could not see a damn thing, I tried to sit up but me whole body was racked with pain, metal bracelets bite into my wrists, boy I tell you what, me head felt like god was applauding in a very small room. I lay there panic stricken, I mean, what the hell man, where was I and why was I shackled up like that? I stopped struggling when I heard the sound of voices coming towards me I tensed up me whole body anticipated getting me ass beat up. I felt someone’s breathe tickle me face whoever it was smelt real sweet, like cinnamon or something. The dark form reached down and lifted me head and struggled with something underneath it, man I tell you, I did not move a damn muscle me eyes closed real tight, then it was quiet for so, slowly the person rested me head back down and I opened me eyes just before a white dress blended into the shadows.

I waited for a moment to make sure they were gone then slowly opened me eyes but me whole body jerked when I realized they had returned and were standing above me, I mean damn, what was it they wanted from me? Suddenly a torch lit up just above me face the yellow light blinding me. I struggled to get used to the glare and when I did there was a beautiful young woman looking down at me, she smiled and nodded she head I looked past she and saw another young woman right behind she. I tensed up for a second and then began shaking uncontrollably.

“The antidote, the antidote” Shouted the beautiful woman and the other form disappeared for a second then reappeared with a calabash bowl in she hand. I tried to get up but the young woman grabbed hold of me head and poured a thick bitter liquid into me mouth and I swallowed and lay there. The spasms were gone, replaced by a death like calm then slowly a cool tingling sensation gripped me groin and I found meself becoming aroused. I saw a smile on the face of the young woman as she turned and looked at she companion. After a couple of minutes I was breathing real slow, I mean, every time I inhaled me skin felt like I was submerged in a warm mud pit. I looked up at the women they did not say a damn thing and the smiles on they faces looked like they were painted on or something. I looked at the young woman who spoke earlier she hair was short but not so short she could not style it. She green eyes were a direct contrast to she ebony skin, I mean; she had the classic look of a Creole woman, she skin looked soft and smooth and despite meself I wanted to reach out and touch she. I forced meself to close me eyes and the tingling feeling began to fade away but me heart was beating so hard I could hear it pounding against me chest. She fake smile was embedded on me bloody mind and I felt a serge of emotion run through me, I mean, I wanted to reach up and pull she towards me running me fingers through she hair. I sat up, shook me head and looked in she direction but they were both gone leaving me to me thoughts, damn man, what in the hell was going on here?

I laid me head down and looked up, there was a hole above me and the moon was shining on me like I was a stage performer with a spotlight on me. I sat up and was surprised that the restraints were gone, I looked down at me makeshift bed it was a slab of rock that stood ten feet high and was bout seven feet wide and eight feet long. There was a lit torch on the far side of the space it flickered as a cool breeze whirled round me. I got off the rock and stumbled round it bumping into the poles that held the torches. I walked bout ten yards to the lit torch and took it out of its metal holder.

I scanned me soundings, the slab of rock was standing in the middle of what seemed to be a cave shaped like an upside down cone. I stepped further away from the rock small balls of fire falling from the torch as the wind grew stronger. I stopped and looked at the slab of rock it looked like some kind of alter or something, I mean, what the hell was that for? I shook me head and kept walking I had to find a bloody way out and fast.


From the novel La Diablesse

“There was a time in the past it was easy to find men for these women to lay with but some of the gods, those male pigs; they grew jealous because they wanted to deflower these women themselves, so they cursed us with these goat legs trying to make us undesirable to mortal man.  Still we were able to find those who were so obsessed with sex they would sleep with anyone, but the new religions came with they rules and restrictions and the men who once were great warriors fell for they lies and now we are left to take what is rightfully ours by force. That’s why you are here you with your colonialist education, your catholic upbringing and your high and mighty social lifestyle, yes, we have been watching you for a long time, and you should have listened to Johnny and believed you should have paid more attention to your heritage instead of following the colonialist philosophy. Legba John learned the hard way, now he thinks he can rid the earth of us. Aaahhhhhhh, he is a silly old man.’ She threw she head back and laughed the high-pitched squeal sounding more like she was screaming.

“And we have you, yes, you me boy,” she walked up to the Alter and began running she fingers down me chest.

“We are going to love making you submit you are stronger than most for sure, oh, and don’t think you being in love with that yanky girl will help you either. I have waited too long to get hold of you.” She hand stopped right before it got to me privates and began rubbing gently, man I tell you what, I was becoming aroused real fast but I closed me eyes and tried to will meself not to, she realized what I was doing and dug she fingernails into me flesh I gasped, fear and excitement overcame me at the same time. 

“Huh, we have been administering one of the strongest potions so that even if you can’t fight your natural desires. Erzulie Frieda has thought us intricate ways of seduction so just give in, let yourself enjoy because when we are done with you, you will be no good to any living woman.”  She laughed again digging she nails deeper into me flesh,  I lay stunned every part of me body throbbing as pain shot up me stomach. 

“Now stop being selfish, these women have suffered long to be here, be restitution for all the male pigs that have oppressed women over the centuries. The slave owners, the abusive husbands, the high thinking bourgeois from which you were spurned, be a sacrifice to all women who have been treated like less than animals, be a man, be strong.” The smile returned to she face and she removed she hand from me stomach and reached up and caressed me cheeks with the back of she hand, I exhaled as the pain in me stomach subsided. I tried to move me head but she grabbed it and pulled it round until I was looking at she

“Life is too short, enjoy yourself. There are women out there waiting to perform an orgy of rituals on you. Relax; it’s every man’s dream to die that way.” She looked down at me for a couple of seconds then turned and slowly walked away.  I was so angry me head felt like it would explode and I was shaking me whole body tense. I watched she walk away the sun shimmered off she black hair causing it to glitter with sparkles of dark orange, I thought oh god just what I needed an image of hell moving.