Make Possible the Impossibe

Windsurfing on the reflection of the sun on the ocean
Snowboarding on an icicle bridge
Surfing on a wave of lava
Deep sea diving through a coral reef cave
Tunneling through a mountain of snow
Playing hop scotch from lake to lake
Skipping rope with a rainbow
Playing a game of marbles with the planets
Sitting on a lightening bolt with your hand outstretched.
Falling in love and staying in love forever

POEMS Storyteller


Time goes by
Sometimes its like walking on a silver road of stars
Sailing on an ocean of dark green seaweeds
Dancing on the surface of a lake bare feet in he middle of winter
Crying sunbeams for the joy of love
Being caught between a lightening bolt and a rainbow
Because the first fifty is the living years
And the last fifty is the dying years
That’s when time goes in bursts of speed and other times slows down to excruciating reality. All that can be done is to wait.
Wait for the ocean to part so you can walk towards the sun.


Kentucky Cool

Here i am, standing in front a body of water that is not the ocean. It fall and there is a crispness in the air. Algae green water moved a little like the ocean. The tide pulls branches out, then washes them back to shore. Strange gray coloured fish swims up to the muddy bank and looks at you, as if to say, “What human?” My toes sank into the mud, reminding me of a rainy day on the nutmeg plantation. Ripples cascaded across the water as a canoe glided by. The skies went from a light blue to winter gray, causing the lake’s surface to flash gray around the floating tree limps. I close my eyes and a cold breeze brush against my face, stinging a little.  The island boy in me wanted to jump in, I wanted to go for a swim, but I have learned from experience, swimming in a lake when winter is pending is not the smartest thing to do. So i stood there, listening to the waves, smelling the mountain air. Ahhh yes, another cool, calm day in Eastern Kentucky.

Pics with verse Storyteller

Good Marning me People

Good Marning me People

Nothing like an early morning tropical rainfall, you know, when you can smell the mud, and the grass and the trees. Oh yes, you can even smell the mangoes, and the soursup and the plumbs. What better way to wake up than to smell all these scents tickle your nose, and you lay there, somewhere between a dream and reality, breathing deep, and in your head, you are standing on the edge of Grand Etang Lake, and a light drizzle creates bubbles on the lake’s surface, and suddenly you feel like walking in the rain, so you jumped out of bed, opened your window and is greeted by sparkling leaves. The sun had come out, you have missed your opportunity to go walking in the early morning tropical rain. But have no fear, it is the rainy season, tomorrow morning you will be waiting bright and early for the heavens to open up and cry.

Pics with verse Storyteller

Good Marning me Neighbours

Good Marning me Neighbours

Today might just be a Kentucky Mountain day, hmmm somewhere down by Cumberland falls, sit on a rock, watch the waterfall splash, feel the sprinkles of the cool mountain water against your skin. Or maybe somewhere in the hills of Martin county, hunting for Ginseng, or crawdads, hmmm maybe play on wolf creek, wade through the crystal clear water. Or maybe spelunking in Carter caves, deep into the earth, comforted by the dark. Ahhh yes, it feels a like a Kentucky mountain kind of day.


Beyond Myself

When I hear you laugh

I see an explosion of light on Pluto

Stars combusts across the sky

Breathing while laying at the bottom of the sea

Walking across a lake’s surface

Running step for step with an albino Buffalo

Stand amidst a battlefield and bring peace

Stand at Heaven’s gate without having to die

Sing and it echoes across the continents

Fall asleep, and dream I did all those things