Surface Earth

I was running with my eyes closed and when I opened them I was running on a cloud. With every step, lightening bolts lit up the ocean to its depths, and creatures not seen for million s of years stopped in shock when seeing the destruction that humans have inflected on the surface earth.

POEMS Storyteller


Time goes by
Sometimes its like walking on a silver road of stars
Sailing on an ocean of dark green seaweeds
Dancing on the surface of a lake bare feet in he middle of winter
Crying sunbeams for the joy of love
Being caught between a lightening bolt and a rainbow
Because the first fifty is the living years
And the last fifty is the dying years
That’s when time goes in bursts of speed and other times slows down to excruciating reality. All that can be done is to wait.
Wait for the ocean to part so you can walk towards the sun.

POEMS Storyteller

Rainy Season

Rainy days are made for walking on water

For listening to the rain hitting the galvanized roof

For day dreaming to the rhythm on your umbrella

For splashing in puddles as you walk

Oh yes that fun is not reserved for kids only

For watching the remnants of a rainbow float in a pothole

Smiling at the heavens when lightening cracks the sky

Creating a lyric to the blast of thunder

Sleeping but being aware of the wind howling through the house

The scent of smoke as Mommy Charles lit the coals in the coal pot

Sitting under a tree watching the raindrops darken the red mud

Falling asleep to the sound of rain on banana tree leaves


Pics with verse Storyteller

Rainy day in West Virginia

Rainy day in West Virginia

Look out ah door, de rain is coming down inna de concrete jungle. Filling de Ohio river, water splashing in de potholes dem. Ahhh yes, rain is rain wherever you are, only here is West Virginia, de rain hit you skin real cold. Like small icicles bouncing off you skin. Child, dis not no tropical rain attall attall attall.

POEMS Storyteller


Those are not tears, they are raindrops. Its like mother nature lives in me and there is a storm brewing, its love about to unleash thunder and lightening on the fallen human race.