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Good Marning Neighbouroooooo

This marning, I will walk to a far away place, where the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle is not heard, and mother nature is enjoying the peace that comes to the earth when there are no human beings around. I will find a path, where the leaves rain down on the inviting trail, so I can take a walk on a rainbow created by the season.

POEMS Storyteller

Love Like Nature

Love Like Nature

She is gentle as a dormant volcano
Passionate as its eruption
Smooth as its lava floor
Confusing as its dust cloud
She is the calm before the hurricane
Loves like the eye of the storm
Sweeps you away like the gale force wind
Makes you want to kiss a rainbow
She is the still tropical ocean
The wave that propels the surfer
The serge that engulfs the village
She is the peak of the highest mountain
The reason for lack of oxygen
The whistle of the wind
She is
Everything, nothing, most things I want

Pics with verse Storyteller

Walk Alone

Walk Alone

It is getting dark, mother nature is stuck between blue skies and a twinkling abyss. Its a good night to go take a walk on a bed of thorns. Leave foot prints of blood so love can find its way to you. And when love finds you, hate gushes out of its mouth like a cluster of butterflies.

Pics with verse Storyteller



Nature’s neon lights, dancing in the wind on a moonless night, swaying to an a cappella of birds, crickets, frogs, and the ocean. Shining like the North Star was afloat among the dark bushes in the forest. A night light for sleeping animals, a beacon for bugs who live the night life. And as i stand under the tree, it is the party hat I needed to join this natural fete, dance with the night creatures drawn to the neon beam.

Pics with verse Storyteller

Nature’s light

Natures chandelier, tropical yellow, sweet smelling, swaying in the wind, so bright it seems to light up the dark forest.

POEMS Storyteller

Leftover Life (1999)

Should I feel, should I let them drain me more

Do I want to be lost on this iceberg filled with useless souls?

I stroll down the straight and narrow in a dream state

Why should I care what happens to the world

Nobody else seem to care, unless the situation directly affects them

 We are like beings without a purpose

Mere decoration in Mother Nature’s print

If that’s why I am here then why am I still walking?

Why do I stride with the emotionless?

There is no heaven to go to, no hell to suffer in

I am already there, stuck in neutral

My life a mere image of the scene around me

Wake me up before this illusion destroys my reality

Make me human once more, let me feel

Someday, I will shut out the souls that linger in my dreams

Be gone you selfish egotistical spirits

From this day on I will not be drained

I have one life with many moments

Pics with verse Storyteller

Pull the Day In Balandra Trinidad photo by Wendell Stephen Jay Reyes

Pull the Day In Balandra Trinidad photo by Wendell Stephen Jay Reyes

Sit where the salty swirl makes a circle under you. Watch as the world around you look like mother nature is at a point above the ocean, sucking the dark clouds into time. The day breaks in slow motion.

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Her mind is already made up

Wait until the sun has almost set ad the sky is having an internal struggle about the colour it should be, wade in to the ocean and stand there, and realize, its almost day its almost night, like mother nature could not make up her mind. . Sit back, enjoy it while you can, because mother nature always makes up her mind.

POEMS Storyteller


Those are not tears, they are raindrops. Its like mother nature lives in me and there is a storm brewing, its love about to unleash thunder and lightening on the fallen human race.  


The Usual Suspects (June 1981)

Politics, religion, culture

Tradition, legacy, history

Organized manipulation of Nature

Egos like voodoo spells

Stagnant like birds without wings

A rainbow in black and white

History becomes his story

Hope floats away on emerald waves