Such is love

Walking in a torrential downpour of fire

Carried away by an arctic undertow

Walking on dry land with muddy feet

Falling asleep in your dreams

Sleeping to escape your nightmares

Leaping with faith crash landing on reality

Falling in love, but only fell into hate

Following the heart, but the heart took a wrong turn.


Laying in the Dark (!983)

When I am left with my thoughts they turn into nightmares.

Indescribable images that dance with my spirit

Ghostly shadows whose expressions I don’t see but feel

Reality is discoloured by fantasy

The colours are dull and lifeless

Sounds are moans like a dog with a muzzle on

Self destruction is an option to living in darkness

It’s the only hope for light at the end of the tunnel

Don’t leave me alone with my thoughts

They always turn into nightmares.

POEMS Storyteller

Shadows in the bed

Its just another night
When the shadows crawl into bed with us
Their screams torture our souls
Why do they torture us We did not take life for the sport of it
We did not take life to be God like
Hell it was revolution, war
So why do we feel so fucking guilty
Why do we not feel lucky to be alive
After the dreams we wash our hands over and over
But nothing can clean these blood stained hands
I know how God is punishing us
There is no companionship in our lives no intimacy
Our religion says that a man with companionship is a broken man
So this is our punishment we live alone with our shadows
Retribution is a bitch right
All night we hug our pillows
Sweat pouring down our bodies
The angel of death walks on a raincloud above our bed
He showers us with memories
We would soon rather forget
Its been so long but we just can’t seem to forgive ourselves
Maybe there is nothing to forgive, but I dont believe that
So we wake in the morning, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off,
Start all over again.

POEMS Storyteller

At Work

This grind, this never ending grind
I want to stop and look around
Feel the wind against my face
Listen to the waves crash against the rock
Instead of the senseless garbage that is booming
From the stereo next to my desk
This numbness, this never ending numbness
I am like a robot to the system
I live not by my own will but by the will of what I have to do
What I am forced to do, forget me, what do you want?
I am not even here anymore I am lost in unnatural reality
Yes, the reality created by man
His will to control and dominate
I am drowning in a toxic creek of human confusion
I am spitting out my emotions drenching my friends
But they are too busy feeling sorry for themselves
I am lonely, there are no shadows on my walls tonight
Even the nightmares seem boring
An acquaintance comes over, its her birthday
She expects something, I have nothing to give
Not even my spirituality, I shut my soul down
Cant afford to feel, cant afford to be me
No one will let me, so like everyone else
I will zombie through life, no care for myself
No care for others.