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My computer had a unfortunate encounter with my size 18 shoes and can no longer relay Pa Pa Jumbies updates on what is going on with the Akans and The Ligaroo King, so the installments will be done on Saturday nights for a while. Hope you enjoy.


Tune in Sunday for OBEAH

Ahhhh, I see that Akosua and her little clan have escaped the clutches of the La Diablesse, hmmmm, I guess the Ligaroo King will have to send more Jumbies to take care of these, these little worriers, ha ha ha ha warriors, please, save Pa Pa Jumbie the  humour. These warriors will get what is coming to them. The Ligaroo King will have more up his sleeve, I promise you. So as you go on your little journey, oh mighty Akans, beware, because I can assure you, more frightening, more diabolical more vicious Jumbies await. Pa Pa Jumbie say so. Tune in Sunday morning, see what will transpire.

Parts Obeah Storyteller

38th Installment of Obeah

Henry looked into the crowd and saw Lassette, her blond hair distinct among the dreadlocks and bald heads. He had not seen much of her since she got to the village, and did not see her at all when the Bokors arrived.

“Hi,” he said and looked down to the ground. She touched his chin and he looked into her eyes.

“I have not seen you since they arrived,” he said, she smiled a faint smile.

“I don’t think that people can change overnight,” she said.

“Akosua will not let them hurt you,”

“I know, there is something special about her.” Lassette said. They stood in silence for a second.

“I take it you have seen something like this before?” he said.

“Yes, I have seen several. This one was as intense as the one I saw right before the slave uprising in 1804.” She said a troubled look in her eyes. She turned and walked away; he followed her kicking at the dirt.

“Their beliefs are strange, but not too different from our own. That service before the revolt was to evoke Baron Samedi, it was darker, more violent, the dances centred on death and vengeance. A black pig was sacrificed. I did not see it, but I heard its squeals from the house. That was the first time I thought Obeah was a barbaric religion. Many slaves have died because of what they believed; ironic, seeing that some of us came here for religious freedom. I thought it was wrong for the plantation owners to stop the slaves from having their services, but after that service I was not so sure. Akosua is the good side of Obeah. She treats life with respect and she loves all creatures. That I believe is the true nature of Obeah.” She stopped talking for a second, but continued before Henry could say anything.

“The slave leaders used Baron Semidi to help them defeat the colonists. It was bloody, but they got their freedom in the end. It did not last, because the colonists made sure they suffered for trying to free themselves. I guess you live by the sword the die by the sword” She said. They walked along passing villagers as they went. Some of the Bokors looked at them suspiciously. Lassette looked uneasy every time one of them looked at her.

“Akosua is the only one of them I trust,” she said as a couple of Bokors stopped and looked at them.

“The Bokors still have that evil look in their eyes, or maybe it’s my fear of them that makes me see them that way,” she said, a monkey hopped across the path in front of them. Even the animal looked at them suspiciously as it jumped onto a tree trunk, shimmered up, and disappeared into the night.

“Are you going to this Nkyene Mountain with them?” She asked. They walked onto the beach and stood looking out at the ocean. In the dark, they heard the splash of dolphins, and saw their silhouette against the starry sky. The salty scent of the ocean was powerful; almost stifling. The waves washed ashore and touched their toes then retreated.

“Yes I am,” Henry said dragging his toes in the wet sand. Lassette turned to him.

“You are not one of them, don’t forget that,” she said then turned and walked back to the path. Henry stood and looked out to sea. He still heard the drummers playing, and some of the villagers still chanted, their voices resonated through his body. His mind wondered back to the journey ahead. He was afraid, very afraid, but he had to go, he had to play a part in the rescue of his sister. He wondered what his father would say when he saw him, would he be proud? He turned away from the ocean and walked back to the village. He bumped into dancers as he went through the clearing.

Henry walked into the village past the smoldering bonfire and the table of food. He wondered if the Loas would come out in the night and feast on their offerings. He went back to his hut and went inside. The two Bokors were already lying in their beds. He walked over to his bed and lay down. Tomorrow, they will go on their journey. His heart raced up as he thought about it. He soon fell asleep with the sound of the villagers chanting in his head.


Obeah this Sunday

Tune in this Sunday for an installment of Obeah. Ahhhh yes, the Jumbies are waiting for you. See what the Akans are up to now. Have they gotten the Spear of Salt? Are they still fighting off the evil spirits of the Ligaroo King. Pa Pa Jumbie knows, but he will not reveal anything. I guess you will have to tune in on Sunday to find out. In the mean time, Pa Pa Jumbie say, sweet dreams.


New installment of OBEAH tomorrow

Make sure you come back tomorrow for a new installment of OBEAH. Listen and understand, the Akans are being watched, they arfe being stalked. At anytime it can happen, the Ligaroo King and his Jumbies can strike. Ohhh the demons, the evil spirits. Yes, I Pa Pa Jumbie will be back to see what action transpires, if you know what is good for you, you will too. Do not let me have to do a do. See you tomorrow, because Pa Pa Jumbie say so.


Tomorrow New installment of OBEAH

Well, well, its the eve before the new installment of OBEAH. What will those Akans encounter now. I have went to the Dark Island and spoken to the Ligaroo King, though he is not revealing anything, he says, tune in because something mystical may transpire. Pa Pa Jumbie says tune in or you just might see me in your dreams tomorrow night. Oh and remember, if you are impatient and need to see how this tale ends you can get the complete novel at:


See you tomorrow.


This Sunday, Tune in for another Installment of OBEAH

Waigt one second, wait one second. What is Kwao, making a play for Akosua. Pa Pa Jumbie is intrigued. Could this cause a riff between the tribe, will there be a duel between Kwao and Adofo. Hmmmmmmm., I guess you will have to keep tuning in to see now wouldn’t you. Pa Pa Jumbie is not giving away any spoilers. Or you can get the complete book at:

Ohhhh, the surprises that is in store for you!!!!!! Be aware, cause Pa Pa Jumbie says so!!!!


From “My Father’s Shadow” work in progress.

“Why you keep talking to youself bouy?” she asked her face contorted with anger.
“No reason,”
“Let us go, you go get the worse licks you ever had,” she said and grabbed his hand.
Andre sat on his bed, his butt was sore but he did not cry he was too angry.
“You O K?” the shadow asked
“Go away and never come back,”
“Hey I is you friend you know,”
“Friends don get friends in trouble,”
“Hey Wait a second, is me who help you wid de bully, is me who help you stand up to the priest, is me who is you only friend, is me who understand you,” the shadow said. Andre heard his mother talking outside his door. He crept to the door and pressed his ears against it, his mother as sobbing and one of her friends tried to console her.
“It go be O K Monica,” a voice said,
“Yes gul, god is good and he go find a way to save you bouy,” another woman said. He recognized the voice to be Miss Dora the Obeah woman,
“I pray every day every blessed day,” his mother said,
“It is time you have the priest bless him,” Another voice said.
“Dat’s dat nosey yanky woman from next door,” the shadow said,
“Shhhhh! Andre responded,
“Gurl, wah you need is a good Obeahman to tek de curse outa he you know, me uncle is a real good Obeahman,” Miss Dora said,
“I am telling you Monica, the church is the best way to deal with this,” the Yanky woman said. Andre moved away from the door.
“ohhh dey  go tek you to de Obeahman for sure dis time,” the shadow said. Andre paced in front of the bed.
“You fraid ah de Obeahman?” The shadow asked. Andre did not respond. He sat on the bed, and then got up again, this time he paced faster.
“I know, run away bouy, run befoe dey tek you to de Obeahman. He go mek you drink bitter tea, and de blood from a goat,” Andre stopped and looked at the shadow.
“He go turn you into a Zumbie and mek you he slave,” the shadow insisted, Andre sat on the bed again.
“He go mek Chango tek you soul, eat the guts of a donkey,”
“Dey don do dat,” Andre said,
“How you know, you ever go to a meeting eh?
“Wah I go do? Andre said as he sat on the bed again.
“I know, you could run away, run before the Obeahman get you,” the shado insisted
“Wey I go go?’
“Who care eh? Jus go bouy before you is de living dead,” Andre went to his dresser and started packing some cloths,
“You don have time for dat bouy, just go,” Andre dropped the pants he was holding, looked around then climbed out the window.
Parts Obeah Storyteller

29th installment of OBEAH

It was two in the morning, the skies twinkled with stars and owls hooted in the jungle. Akosua was asleep on a straw mat under a tree with big leaves when she felt the presence of someone next to her. She opened her eyes, but there was no one there. She went back to sleep. Suddenly there was a face next to her. Most of the face was human, but the mouth and the nose were that of a wolf. The creature opened its mouth, its fangs bared. Saliva dripped and landed on the dirt next to Akosua’s face. She felt its breath against her neck; the stench permeated the air around her, an animalistic odor that stifled her. She sat up and looked around. The jungle was silent, the fire smoldered in its small pit. She looked over at the others, the warrior sand Lassette were asleep on their mats. Kwao sat against a tree rubbing his eyes as if he had just woken up. He looked over at her,

“Having a nightmare?” he asked. Akosua yawned then spoke,

“Not sure,” she said, “It seemed so real,”

“It was not real, I would protect you if it was,” Kwao said, his eyes sparkled red in the yellow light form the dying fire. He smiled but in the dim light, it looked more like a menacing glare.

“You should get some sleep we have to make it back to the village tomorrow.” Akosua said. Kwao looked at her, his head was tilted downwards, the blacks of his eyes turned up.

“Why wouldn’t you let me love you? I can give you all that you want in life. Adofo is just a dumb warrior; I have the emotions to make you feel loved.” He said Akosua sat up, a firefly floated in the air between them.

“Kwao you have to stop this we are friends, at least I would like to think that we are. But there can never be anything more than that between us.” She said. Kwao got up and walked over to her and sat down.

“I have always loved you, seeing you with him hurt my heart,” he said as he caressed her face. She pulled back a little, but that did not detour Kwao’s advances. He leaned in; his eyes closed and tried to kiss her. Akosua jerked away and scrambled to her feet. Kwao sat; his hand still outstretched looking up at her.

“Go to sleep Kwao, I will forget this ever happened.” She said her face hot with embarrassment. Kwao stood up and hesitated like he was about to say something. A flock of bats flew from one tree to the next screeching. Kwao did not say anything, he just turned and walked back over to the tree and sat down.

Akosua walked over to where the warriors and Lassette lay and sat down against a tree. The sky was dark; there were no stars, no moon, just darkness. The leaves in the trees whistled as a slight breeze blew through the jungle. Akosua thought of Adofo. She wondered what he and the other villagers were doing. Did the Ligaroos attack while she was gone? A star shot across the sky leaving a streak of white in its wake. Akosua fell asleep looking up at the sky.

Adofo and Henry were walking on a cliff that overlooked the ocean. They had decided to take a different route to the Bokor’s village to avoid any sneak attacks by the evil spirits. The sea water was dark but frothy white where the waves crashed into the rocks. The sun shined down causing the ocean to glitter blinding Henry whenever he looked out to sea. Flying fish jumped out of the water, flocks of seagulls soared just over the surface. Adofo stopped and looked out at the ocean. He saw five dark spots in the distance gliding towards the island. He put his hand over his eyes to shield the sun and squinted to get a better look.

“What is it?” Henry asked. Adofo looked for a second.

“Don’t know looks like small boats to me,” he said. Henry placed his hand over his eyes and looked out onto the ocean.

“Boats, do you think the Ligaroos are coming to attack?” He asked.

“I doubt it, they only attack at night, but the Ligaroo king has enough power to change that. He can use anyone to attack us.” He said. They stood and watched as the boats came closer to Akan Island.

“Lets go, we have to warn Akosua and the others.” He said as he turned away from the ocean and headed towards the jungle.

“We will go the way Akosua would use to get back to the village.” He said as he walked away from the cliff.


Tune in Tomorrow Morning for OBEAH

Ahhh yes, another installment of OBEAH, tomorrow, you may want to tune in for more African/Caribbean mythology. Pa Pa Jumbie says, you don’t want to miss it.

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