Cool Runnings Storyteller

34th Installment of La Diablesse

After bout five minutes she stopped, looked at the tray then screamed, reached over and slapped the tray away from me and before I could retaliate she was on top of me. I swung me right hand hitting she in the face but she only smiled grinding she hips down on me, the yellow light from the torches reflected in she eyes making them seem like they were on fire or something.

“Just like a man. Come on, fight, fight.” She screamed, as she became more excited. I felt meself becoming aroused and in desperation I reached down and grabbed hold of she leg the hairy stomp felt like bristles on a pig’s ass. I was revolted and all sense of arousal evaporated and I reached down, picked up the tray and slammed it against she head. She tilted sideways falling off the alter hitting the ground with a loud bump. No sooner had she fallen she bounced back up and was standing on the Alter, damn woman moved like a fox. I rolled off the Alter in an attempt to avoid the attack, but I hit the ground with a violent jolt sending shockwaves of pain through me body. I struggled to get to me feet but only managed to get to me hands and knees before she was standing over me and with the violence of an angry bull she kicked me in the ribs me stomach felt like a porcupine fish was shooting off its needles in there. I covered meself with me hands trying to deflect some of the blows but the bloody woman just kept kicking.

Then the numbness set in and I rolled over leaving me entire body open to she relentless assault, just kill me you she devil, put an end to me misery. I did not know how many times she had kicked me with that damn hoofed leg, but I prayed that god, man anybody would come to me rescue. I sank into a darkness that covered me whole frigging soul; yeah man death would have been better for me.