Cool Runnings Storyteller

42nd Installment of La Diablesse

I came back to reality when the chanting had stopped and I realized they were not standing round the Alter anymore, they had formed a circle round the leader, she stood in the middle with she hands raised as they all mumbled what seemed like a prey, I tell you what, I felt like I was at some anchaint Catholic ritual. Then to some unknown rythem they slowly danced out of the circle they movement graceful seductive they hips moving in small circles, they white dresses twirled round them as they moved like ghosts at a disco. The air smelled of Lilac, and jasmine and roses and for some reason the fragrance was more poignant, I mean, me nose started to burn like hell. I tried sitting up but them bloody shackles were back on. One of the La Diablesses started singing in the language of the slaves it was a mixture of African dialects, French and Spanish the melody was haunting yet beautiful as it echoed through the cave, then out of the darkness the little girl came, she was carrying a small bucket and she looked at me menacingly then lifted it and poured its contents on me. An explosion of scents filled the air causing me to choke me body tingling, me heart speeding up real fast, man, there was this voice in me head screaming control youself you fool, they could never have they way if you don’t become excited.

The forms of the La Diablesse became blurs as they moved they hips gyrating faster more sensuous, every muscle in me damn body was aroused I mean I felt like I was going to combust or something. Some of the La Diablesse was dancing with each other they bodies bumping, they white dresses a cotton like mist, then as if possessed by some spirit they came at me they hands groping me body, they finger nails digging into me flesh and I groaned as every touch felt as if they were holding me soul in they hands, man, I was breathing so fast me throat felt like I had swallowed a piece of burning firewood. I tried to roll over but they kept me on my back and then I felt the thin suit of clothes being ripped off me the material tugging at me skin as it was torn away, they faces twisted with sexual expression damn women looked like a pack of hungry wolves.

Suddenly they stepped back and the room was so quiet I could hear a crab scurrying cross the sandy floor. Someone was breathing right next to me so I cowered away but soon realized it was me breathing hard. I looked down at me body trying to access the damage it sparkled a little in the glow of the torches, I was surprised to see that there was no blood on me, I tried to sit up but the restraints kept me trapped to the Alter, then another of the La Diablesse came forward with a silver cup held me behind the head and tilted the cup to me lips. I tried not to swallow but the liquid got into me mouth and I had to swallow, man I tell you what, I was coughing so hard me head felt like it would explode, she made sure the cup was empty looked at me smiled a little turned and walked away. The second she walked away me body felt like I was laying at the top of Mount Everest struggling to breath and I was cold for so, the leader came towards me and removed the restraints I tried to sit up but me body was like a rock. The women were real silent holding hands as if in pray then suddenly they broke into dance, they hands moving in provocative gestures, they gyrating hips hypnotized me as they moved side to side up and down grinding they pelvis.

The dancing became more frantic as they bodies began to twist in unnatural yet seductive positions, they dresses became a blur of white highlighted by the yellow glow from the torches they were holding. I was totally aroused me heart pounding causing me whole body to pulsate, a dull humming sound filled the cave. They danced faster and faster man, I felt like I was lying on a cloud of fire. One of the young La Diablesse left the group and came towards me and leaned over me pressing she lips against me ear, she spoke slow and in a low voice she tongue touched me ear lobe I could not help meself, I reached up grabbed she head and pulled she to me and I kissed she a deep slow kiss. She pulled sheself away from me and with cat like agility she jumped onto the Alter and straggled me she eyes closed as she concentrated on what she was doing. I too closed me eyes trying to block out the fact that I was about be raped by a subhuman being. I still heard the echoes of the others voices, they moans, they feet hitting the sandy floor, I felt the vibrations from they voices, I mean, it was pounding like a base steel drum. The La Diablesse lifted she dress and grabbed me guiding me into she. I felt the course hair on she goat leg rubbing against me thigh as she began to move. Every touch, every movement seemed to grow more powerful as the oils they had poured on me saturated into me skin, she fingers slid down me body gripping into me flesh as she moaned and grunted, I closed me eyes and flashes of colour replaced the face of the La Diablesse. Before I knew it the damn woman was screaming, she hands slapping at me chest, she hair twirled round as she swung she head from side to side.

When she was finished she rolled off me, I mean, the bloody woman’s eyes were glazed and small sparks of crystal light popped round in them like exploding fireflies. They leader came forward with a bowl and wiped round me private area with a warm rag, the liquid that she used burned me skin feeling like someone had sprinkled tiny fireballs on me, man I tell you I was aroused for so

Another La Diablesse climbed on top of me this one was less than gentle as she trashed round gratifying sheself. When she was done another one had she way with me, I tried to struggle but it was useless as the potions they used rendered me incapable of resisting they advances, I mean, I could not feel a damn thing below me waist except the up and down movement as she grinded on me.

I was almost unconscious when the last of them had satisfied sheself, I lay there as they washed me, me lower body throbbing like crazy. The spot on me thigh where they goat leg had rubbed was raw and burning, sweat ran down me body and unto the sheet, the night sky lit up with stars that twinkled silver and there seemed to be more seagulls circling the cave damn birds, I hoped they enjoyed me humiliation. I heard the water trickling out of the holes on the walls of the cave for a second then singing echoed through the cave as the women performed some kind of ceremony just outside the entrance of the cave.

Just as I was beginning to relax a little they walked back in holding candles, I laid me head down I mean for god’s sake, did they not have enough. They stood at the foot of the Alter shifting from leg to leg humming, they shadows dancing on the walls as the candles flickered in the breeze. Then they formed a line and walked towards me as if in an Easter Sunday procession morning the loss of they virginity yet celebrating the beginning of they acceptance into another spiritual realm. They stood round the Alter mumbling and humming moving like seawater foaming as it rolled up on the beach, then the same heat I felt earlier surged through me like a wave of boiling water, burning yet relaxing at the same time. The candles went out and darkness overcame the cave, I screamed me voice bouncing off the walls of the cave, in the darkness I felt they hands rubbing more oil on me I felt a pinch as one of them bit into me arm, then as suddenly as the candles went out they stopped touching me and I heard them breathing next to me, slow rhythmic, at the top of the cave seagulls screeched, they wings flapping furiously. I heard the swish of a dress and felt one of them press down on top of me. She began to move this time with less urgency as if wanting to savor every frigging moment. As she moved I felt the hard joint of the goat leg digging into the raw spot on my thigh, at first I tried not to pay attention but as it scraped me skin it began to hurt, disgust welled up in me and I began to twist me body trying to change me position but that only excited she even more. In the dark I saw she white dress moving in unison with every movement of she body, I began to scream and for the first time all night me body tensed up and me muscles twitched and trembled. At first she was taken back, but she did not stop moving she just moved faster she fingers digging into me chest, then she too began to scream she voice echoing in the cave. The other La Diablesse began to sing, they voices blended with she screaming creating a macabre melody, then she fell forward she whole weight came down on me knocking all the wind out of me.

Suddenly she was gone and another La Diablesse jumped onto the alter and began moving. Me body went limp surrendering meself to them as they came one after another like a pack of hungry Hyenas.

I closed me eyes and began to lose consciousness, the stars at the opening of the cave were blinking they sparkle dulled as clouds partially covered them, then the rain came, big drops falling through the opening I felt them hit me face and I closed my eyes, the cold pellets bounced off me skin rolled down the side of me body soaking the sheet and the foam under me. The moon forced its way out from behind the dark clouds, a lone silver beam illuminated the Alter and the La Diablesse on top of me, she hair was soaked and it clung to she head cascading down she shoulder, the thin material of she dress stuck to she skin revealing the contours of she shapely body. I moved a little it was a reflex action that surprised both of us. She smiled and threw she head back and began to move faster and slowly she body began to fade as I sank into unconsciousness me body tingling and me heartbeat rolling into one dull hum. She was still screaming, at first it was loud but as I slipped deeper into unconsciousness it faded away leaving the sound of the rain falling on the Alter and on the ground round me. Then nothing, just complete darkness as me body shook violently and then bloody darkness sweet, bloody darkness.

Cool Runnings Storyteller

33th Installment of La Diablesse

“Why din you believe?” She lips were moving but it was she grandmother’s voice that came out.

“If only you did, you woun be here right now.” I started to cry

“Help me!” I pleaded, but the dream started to become distorted, I mean white clouds floated above she head engulfing she. She lips were moving but the sound of wind rushing made it seem like she was speaking on a CB radio that was breaking up.

“Noooooo!” I screamed, but she was dissolving into the clouds, I kept screaming louder trying to make she come back, but she disappeared leaving complete darkness.

Excruciating pain in me wrist woke me up, the night sky loomed down on me from the hole at the top of the cave, a shooting star trail cross the sky and I made a wish, I was a drowning man trying to catch a straw. The cave was dark and I felt like I was buried in me own damn grave, soon I fell back to sleep too tired to think anymore.

I woke up this time I felt hands caressing me body, I tensed up in anticipation of being attacked, but the hand only touched me gentle rubbing me stomach then trailing down to me pubic area. I looked down to the lower half of me body trying to see what the hell they were doing it was the woman who had pulled the little girl off of me earlier that day. She lips were pressed against me stomach now, small bursts of air escaped from she mouth tickling me skin, a chill ran through me entire body and I concentrated hard trying not to get excited. I felt she fingernails dig into me skin as she movements become more deliberate, I mean it was real obvious what she intentions were and I was not going to let it happen without a fight so I lifted me waist trying to detour she. She stopped, looked up at me she hair had a yellow like glow as the light from the torches bounced off of it. She looked down the length of me body until she was staring into me eyes then slowly she ran she tongue up me belly until she got to me nipple. She bit on it and it hurt like hell but I was not going to let she know that. She left me nipple and brought she face close up to mine and I tried to push she off with me hands forgetting they were in the restraints. She smiled and closed she eyes, man I tell you what, that damn woman looked like she really enjoyed how helpless I was. She leaned down and pressed she lips against mine and I move me head from side to side trying to avoid she, she grunted with annoyance and grabbed me face holding it still. She long nose poked into me cheek as she tried to pry me lips open with she tongue, man that woman could generate more saliva than a dog in heat. Suddenly she stopped and stood up to she knees a hint of anger flashed into she eyes and she spat at me.

“Don’t you think I am pretty?” she demanded, I just laid there me face turned away from she. She straddled me and grabbed me face tried to force me to look at she, but I tell you what, I was not going to let some crazed phantom bully me at all, man I tell you, that made she real mad and she raised she right hand and slapped me across the face. A flash of colours exploded in the air round me as pain rumbled through me head.

“You tink I am repulsive, don’t you?” she screamed and I watched as she hand disappeared beyond the light from the torch then reappear smashing into me face. This time I saw a red flash as one of she fingers dug into me left eye and tears gushed out blinding me, the palm of she hand struck the side of me face again, man I tell you, a rush of anger erupted in me and I lunged forward knocking she off balance for a second. She lifted she hand this time balling she fists and before I could react she punched me on the side of me head, that did it,

“You are beautiful, you are beautiful!” I screamed me head spinning from the blows, she stopped and looked down at a tray that sat next to me feet, she looked back at me and motioned towards the tray and for a second I thought she was going to hit me again but instead she stepped off the alter reaching it to me. I motioned for she to remove the shackles she hesitated, but removed them anyway. I sat up, the room spun, like I was in the middle of the ocean stuck in a whirlpool sinking fast. I was hungry, plus eating seemed to be the only way I could get the damn woman to stop attacking me. She started pacing round the alter she eyes never leaving mines.

“That’s a nasty bite on your nose there, we will have to doctor some more dont we?” she said. I ignored she, I mean what made she think I would play she sadistic little game.

“You don’t care what I say do you, you would like to destroy me right now wouldn’t you? She laughed. “Yes, I could see it in your eyes.” I chewed slowly, trying to not to cause meself any more pain.

“You, the living, you have no clue as to what goes on after you have lived and passed on huh?” she asked looking at me.

“Huh, you idiots fools walking on borrowed time, I hate you!” she screamed. I stopped chewing and looked at she,

“Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?” I asked, me question took she off guard and she walked up to me and grabbed me by the throat, food flew out me mouth but the damn lady kept talking,

“Don’t you talk back to me I never said I wanted to have a conversation with you. We leader on the other had she want conversation, she with her spiritual ways and her fragranced Goddess all dainty and sweet, trying to seduce you pigs. Me, I worship Erzulie Danto, the warrior Goddess, that Erzilie Frieda is so sweet and so good anyone might take advantage of her, but Erzilie Danto, now she is a true leader. Why do you think I am here, huh? To stop fools like you from thinking you could take advantage of us.” She stopped talking and looked at me she eyes surveying me whole body she fingers tightening round me neck.

“Some people only understand violence, like you high minded bourgeois, yes man types,you sell out to the colonialists, devour their education and then try to regurgitate it to the young people. That’s why I took that young girl under my wings taught her the art of defending herself. So don’t think because she is young you could trick her into letting you go.” She took a step towards me she eyes flashing with excitement.

“Violence is sometimes the only answer, the rush of watching someone slowly accept death, no more struggling, no more fighting for the last breathe, just peace, tranquility.” She shook she eyes closed then she leaned towards me and looked down at the tray.

“It would be better if you let me feed you,” I tried to talk but she was still choking me, then she let go and started pacing again.

“I can feed myself. Thank you.” I gasped and shot she the evilest stare I could. She climbed onto the alter looking at me impatiently she began to caress me shoulders and I flinched and a flash of anger entered she eyes and she stopped, looked at me for a second then ran she fingernails down me chest, she breath escaped from she mouth in short deep bursts, I eat slower watching every bloody move the woman made.

Cool Runnings Storyteller

29th Installment of La Diablesse


I regained consciousness and opened me eyes, but it was pitch black and I could not see a damn thing, I tried to sit up but me whole body was racked with pain, metal bracelets bite into my wrists, boy I tell you what, me head felt like god was applauding in a very small room. I lay there panic stricken, I mean, what the hell man, where was I and why was I shackled up like that? I stopped struggling when I heard the sound of voices coming towards me I tensed up me whole body anticipated getting me ass beat up. I felt someone’s breathe tickle me face whoever it was smelt real sweet, like cinnamon or something. The dark form reached down and lifted me head and struggled with something underneath it, man I tell you, I did not move a damn muscle me eyes closed real tight, then it was quiet for so, slowly the person rested me head back down and I opened me eyes just before a white dress blended into the shadows.

I waited for a moment to make sure they were gone then slowly opened me eyes but me whole body jerked when I realized they had returned and were standing above me, I mean damn, what was it they wanted from me? Suddenly a torch lit up just above me face the yellow light blinding me. I struggled to get used to the glare and when I did there was a beautiful young woman looking down at me, she smiled and nodded she head I looked past she and saw another young woman right behind she. I tensed up for a second and then began shaking uncontrollably.

“The antidote, the antidote” Shouted the beautiful woman and the other form disappeared for a second then reappeared with a calabash bowl in she hand. I tried to get up but the young woman grabbed hold of me head and poured a thick bitter liquid into me mouth and I swallowed and lay there. The spasms were gone, replaced by a death like calm then slowly a cool tingling sensation gripped me groin and I found meself becoming aroused. I saw a smile on the face of the young woman as she turned and looked at she companion. After a couple of minutes I was breathing real slow, I mean, every time I inhaled me skin felt like I was submerged in a warm mud pit. I looked up at the women they did not say a damn thing and the smiles on they faces looked like they were painted on or something. I looked at the young woman who spoke earlier she hair was short but not so short she could not style it. She green eyes were a direct contrast to she ebony skin, I mean; she had the classic look of a Creole woman, she skin looked soft and smooth and despite meself I wanted to reach out and touch she. I forced meself to close me eyes and the tingling feeling began to fade away but me heart was beating so hard I could hear it pounding against me chest. She fake smile was embedded on me bloody mind and I felt a serge of emotion run through me, I mean, I wanted to reach up and pull she towards me running me fingers through she hair. I sat up, shook me head and looked in she direction but they were both gone leaving me to me thoughts, damn man, what in the hell was going on here?

I laid me head down and looked up, there was a hole above me and the moon was shining on me like I was a stage performer with a spotlight on me. I sat up and was surprised that the restraints were gone, I looked down at me makeshift bed it was a slab of rock that stood ten feet high and was bout seven feet wide and eight feet long. There was a lit torch on the far side of the space it flickered as a cool breeze whirled round me. I got off the rock and stumbled round it bumping into the poles that held the torches. I walked bout ten yards to the lit torch and took it out of its metal holder.

I scanned me soundings, the slab of rock was standing in the middle of what seemed to be a cave shaped like an upside down cone. I stepped further away from the rock small balls of fire falling from the torch as the wind grew stronger. I stopped and looked at the slab of rock it looked like some kind of alter or something, I mean, what the hell was that for? I shook me head and kept walking I had to find a bloody way out and fast.


From one of the new projects Disorganized Crime.

Vince walked into a small room, the walls were painted cream, there were paintings and pictures on the everywhere. Vince went into the cramped living room, a man in his mid thirties sat nervously on a maroon leather couch, a fat man in a cheap grey suit sat next to him. Ramon stood in the small kitchen that was visible from the living room looking at Vince. Vince walked over to the love seat facing the man and sat down,

                “Hey Marty,” Vince smacking the man on his knee,

                “Hows is life treating you these days, how are the wife and kids?” Marty sat visible shaking.  He tried to respond but no words came out.

                “Whats wrong with you man we are all friends here right?” Marty shifted a little in his seat,

                “The boss is talking to you,” the fat man said smacking Marty behind the head,

                “No need for that Marty, here is a loyal man, he will never do anything to hurt us, is that right Mart?”  Vince said leaning forward and grabbing hold of Marty’s shoulder the man flinched and Vince shook his head,

                “Why are you so damn jumpy do you feel guilty about something?”  Vince looked at him and a strange silence filled the room.

                “O K here is how we are going to do this, I will ask you a question, you will answer it, but if I feel you are lying to me things may get quite unpleasant, do we understand each other?” Marty shook his head tears rolling down his face, Vince reached out and patted him on the cheek then sat back and rolled his eyes,

                “I hate when a grown man cry don’t do that it just serves to piss me off,”  Vince stared at Marty, the frightened man sniffed hard and tried to stop the tears from flowing,

                Now like I said, am going to ask you a question, and think before you answer, are we simpatico here?”  Ramon shifted from one leg to the next as Vince leaned forward looking into Marty’s eyes as if he felt he would find his answer in them,

                “Did you or did you not talk to the cops, remember be very conscious with your answer,” Marty sat his eyes as bigs as two moons around mars,

                “Well am waiting,” Vince insisted, the man sitting next to Marty smacked him on the arm. Marty grunted and started talking and for a second no words came out,

                “I had no choice,” He stuttered Vince chuckled,

                “You had no choice?  Don’t be an imbecile man you are educated give me an educated answer, analyze or something, make it intelligent yet entertaining,” Marty shook a little and tried to talk again,

                “They had me dead to right I had no choice…..” Vince interrupted him,

                “Don’t say that you had no choice, Ramon has no, choice he was born dumb witted,” The other men chuckled Vince continued, “The mayor had no choice his dick told him to purchase a whore, but this, this is life and death, your life and your death,” Vince sat back his eyes flashing with anger,

                “Am sorry!” Marty shouted between sobs. Vince leaned forward and punched him in the face. Blood sprayed into the air leaving small drops on the couch and the carpet. Marty cupped his nose with his hands, blood gushed through his fingers and ran down his arms.

                “You are sorry, were you going to be sorry when my daughters grew up without a family, when my beautiful wife suffers the shame of me being on trial huh?’  Marty looked up at him and for the first time he too seemed angry,

                “I have a family too,” he stuttered. Vince growled,

                “Who gives a shit about your family,’ Vince slapped him across the face sending blood in every direction,

                “Don’t you yell at me, did your mother not teach you any manners never yell at your boss,” He screamed then looked over at Ramon, the giant shook his head and Vince turned back to Marty,

                “As I was saying, damn it what was I saying,” Vince thought for a while. the room was silent except for the muffled sound of traffic going by on the street outside,

                “As I was saying you do know the price for ratting out friends right?” The fat man next to Marty spoke,

                “That’s not what you were saying boss,” Vince casted him an evil look then looked back at Marty,

                “Like I was saying, the price of being a rat is a painful death, that’s not from me thats just the way it is,” Marty was shaking harder now, his blue eyes were now grey, blood soaked into the light blue shirt he was wearing,

                “Take this piece of shit to the kitchen,” the fat man stood up and grabbed Marty’s arm. He resisted but the fat man grabbed him by the throat and yanked him off the couch, he fought all the way to the kitchen.

                The room was small, painted in puke green.  There was a dish washer, a small wooden dining table, and the sink was filled with dirty dishes.  There was a chair in the middle of the room, someone had spread plastic on the floor. on the counters, even on the dirty dishes. The fat man wrestled Marty to the chair and sat him down,

                “Please please, I have a family,” Vince stood in front of him for a second then punched him in the face,

                “I hate snitches, I hate them. Because of snitches like you whole countries fall even Jesus was snitched on,’ Vince stepped back and Ramon came forward and tied Marty’s arms to the chair then he proceeded to take his pants off. Marty struggled but to no avail,

                “Please My family,” Vince flew into a rage and grabbed Marty by his hair,

                “You did not think of that when you were about to get me sent up now be a man and take your punishment I hate crybabies!” he screamed and slapped Marty again,

                “To hell with all this talk, am becoming bored with this bitch, lets get started am going to really enjoy this,” he walked over to a dining chair that Ramon had placed in front of Marty and sat down. Ramon handed him his skittles and orange soda,

                “Now entertain me,” he said, the fat man walked over to the counter and got an electric cord that was attached to a battery and clipped it to Marty’s groin  Vince popped some skittles into his mouth,

                “Will you at least apologize to me I may make this less painful if you do,” Marty spat at him the red and white froth landed on his brand new lamb skin shoe. Vince leaned over and took out a tissue from his jacket pocket and calmly wiped the spit.  He looked at Ramon, the giant walked over and stuffed a rag into Marty’s mouth/  The frightened man tried to spit it out but the giant shoved most of his massive hand into Marty’s mouth. He gasped and choked but the giant was relentless. When Ramon was sure Marty was secured he stepped back and looked at Vince, Vince shook his head,

                “Do I get an apology that’s what friends do for each other?”  Marty tried to respond but the rag was too deep in his mouth Vince jumped up and slapped him several times, stopped and slapped him one last time. Blood flew into the air landing on the plastic like rain on a tinned roof. Marty moaned, Vince went back to the chair picked up the bag of skittles and popped some in his mouth,

                “Fry the bastard not well done just enough, “Vince laughed Ramon flicked the switch. Marty groaned the gag almost falling out of his mouth. Ramón flicked the switch again and Marty slumped forward twitching and laboring to breath. Ramon removed the rag and Marty threw up, the green bile covering Ramon’s brown Swede shoes. The fat man laughed his belly rolling as he did, the young man that was at the door was in the room now. He walked past Marty and Ramon and went to the fridge, got out some beers and handed the fat man one, Raman looked at the young man,

                “What the hell are you looking at keep doing your job,” he said with a snicker, Ramon glance over at him and for a second he looked like he was going to charge at the young man,

                “Just get me a rag and some water,” Ramon said, the young man stopped laughing

                “O K man don’t get your panties in a bunch,” he turned and went back into the kitchen. Vince took a drink of  soda smacked his lips and popped some more skittles into his mouth,

                “What the hell is this an intermission, this is not an opera get on with it,’ he said the other men laughed, Ramon went over to Marty grabbed his head and pulled it back,

                “You should have controlled yourself,” He picked the vomit soaked rag up and shoved it back into Marty’s mouth, let go of his head and turned the switch. Marty twitched and what looked like smoke floated out of his body as he shook and moaned, the scent of burning flesh filled the kitchen. The young man sat a bowl of water and a rag at Ramon’s feet,

“Damn, that scent is making me hungry, I could go for a double cheese burger right about now,” he looked over at the other man,

                Nah, I can go for a big steak myself, medium rear with lots of hot sauce, damn, my stomach is rumbling,” Vince looked over at the men,

                “After this we can go get a bite,”

                “Good idea,” the fat man said.  Ramon flicked the switch again. Marty convulsed choking on the rag, sweat poured down his forehead,

                “Hey don’t do that until I say when now I have missed some of the action,” Vince barked. Ramon apologized then flipped the switch off this time Marty was able to spit the rag out,          

                “Am sorry, am sorry please,” Vince leaned forward in his chair

                “What I did not hear you,” Marty tried to talk again but a dry whisper came out at first ten he coughed,

                “Am sorry please my kids don’t let them go through life without a father,” Vince looked at him for a second and there was another strange silence, the men not knowing what to expect next as Vince just sat there, cars went by on the street, the murmur of people walking by o the sidewalk, life was going on clueless to the events in the small kitchen. Vince looked at each man in turn then chuckled,

                “You almost got me there,” he said looked at Ramon and nodded his head,

                “This is getting boring let us wrap this up,” Ramon flicked the switch and Marty screamed and trashed around in the chair, smoke floated into the air, his eyes rolled back in his head, and his skin seemed to have this red glow to it, Vince popped more of the skittles into his mouth as he watched intently, to him there was something spiritual about watching someone die, maybe he could channel a little of their souls, maybe the good they had done would find its way into his soul.

POEMS Storyteller

Today’s Truth, Tomorrow’s lies

We blind ourselves from the truth
I know, I have been there
And now that I am on the other side
And the truth is my reality
I want to stop the pain
But I am too much of a coward to do it
So I float here dancing with Jesus
Playing hide and seek with the devil
The truth has me stuck in the middle

POEMS Storyteller

The Parallel Foxhole

Cotton candy, absolute hate
Caramel chunks, melted dreams
Tropical fruit, unbridle lust
Hysterical laugher, uncontrollable pain
A beautiful song, a destructive wind
Pure love, tremendous confusion
Undaunted determination, bitter disappointment
Blind patriotism, unnecessary death
Religious orgasm, tainted soul
Secular revelry, haunted spirit
Apple pie, sexual deviance
Democracy, ha
Pay attention, nothing is ever what it seems
The illusion is right under the surface
The truth is in purgatory