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41th Installment of La Diablesse


I was in the cave for months, but it felt like frigging years. I eat as much as I could and walked the perimeters of the cave trying me best to maintain me sanity and strength. I did not see much of the leader of the La Diablesse in that time then one day when I was completely healed she came into the cave. She instructed me to take off me pants.

“You have healed nicely the ladies have been taking good care of you.” She said shaking she head with approval, I stood there looking down at me feet, I mean, I felt like a damn slave on an auction block, ironic is it not?.

“I think it is time for the ceremonies to start,” I kept looking down so she did not see the fear in me eyes but she walked up to me and held me head.

“Don’t worry it will not be as bad as you think. I will try to make it as painless as I could and if you comply with what we want I may not let the Warriors have their way with you.” Me whole body tingled as anger boiled up in me I mean hell lady, how stupid does she think I was not painful! One of the other La Diablesse came up behind she holding a suit of clothes in she hand the leader took it from she and handed it to me. I hesitated as they both watched and waited and for a spilt second I thought of making a run for it, but hell, them women would have overpowered me for sure. I slowly put on the ceremonial dress white pants, white shirt, I thought what is it with these people, La Diablesse, voodoo practitioners, what’s with the white clothes? I looked into she eyes and with the most sincere tone of voice I could muster blurted out.

“What is your name, I mean I cant very well be receptive to you if I don’t know your name?” She looked at me, trying to figure out what me angle was.

“My name is not important, not to you anyway.” She stopped talking but kept looking at me.

“Why me?” I persisted and she looked at me a small frown forming on hserforehead.

“I chose you because of your lack of faith. From when you were a child I knew you would be one I could seduce, even with those ridicules rituals that Legba John performed I knew you would never really believe, I knew sooner or later you would fall from their protection.”

“How did you know about that?” I asked amazed at how much she knew bout me and she chuckled she eyes sparkling with pride.

“I have been watching you for years. Remember when you were eight and your mother took you to the carnival that came to the island and a woman came up to you and handed you cotton candy.” She stopped talking and looked at me to see if I remembered a jolt of recognition hit me and me whole damn body shook. I remembered that day like it was yesterday, a woman in white had come up to me when me mother had gone to the restroom and handed me a stick of pink cotton candy. The La Diablesse chuckled again.

“We don’t just pick someone at random we watch and wait until the time is right, after all we have all the time in the world. You my boy was destine to be here, we thought we had lost you when you left to go to that bourgeois college, but you came back. So you see it is destiny that you are here.” She floated round me she hands crossed in front of she I mean the woman looked almost regal.

“Our ways are subtle. A cool breeze, the hot flashes you got and your mother thought you were a sickly child, those inexplicable fevers you suffered as a child when your mother used to wrap you in banana leaves to control your rising tempreture, that was us.” I remembered those times me mother was frantic trying to figure out why I was always sick.

“All this just for sex?” I questioned, she seemed a little agitated but took a deep breath and controlled sheself.

“Its more than sex, it’s about acceptance into the other world, it’s about defying the gods and the men who worship them. Like me these women while alive was told that sex is the devils pleasure. It was supposed to be for reproduction and reproduction only, even after death the gods kept us from experiencing the pleasure of the most spiritual of acts all simple because they wanted to keep us to themselves. We were objects, subhuman in a society where sex was only pleasurable to them.” She was beginning to get angry and stopped talking for a second.

“Erzulie Frieda came to our rescue, requiting women like me to help women like the ones in this cave they will be completely free and she in turn defied the gods and now here we are, free to explore our own spirituality free from male domination and when the ceremonies are over she has prepared a place for us in her upper room. That is where the women will go after their baptism.” A death like silence filled the cave as we stood eyes interlocked, she hair swayed in the breeze and she green eyes reflected what seemed to be a little sympathetic expression, I understood what she was saying I mean we lived in a society where women were treated like possessions and not like equal human beings.

“Why do I have to die?” I asked, the words almost stopping at the tip of me tongue.

We have to protect ourselves, if the living knew that we were here they would surely hunt us down and destroy what we have. It has happened before back in the motherland. I resolved to take extreme measures not to let that happen here.” She stopped talking and seemed to shutter at the thought of the cave being over ran by the living.

“We also have to be wary of the gods, those Obeah societies they will do anything the gods ask of them. I would hate for these women to spend the rest of their lives in a state of constant suffering, I will live in the domain of the evil spirits before I let that happen.” She glided away followed by the other La Diablesse. I started to call after she but decided it was not a wise thing to do.


39th Installment of La Diablesse Suday

39th Installment of La Diablesse

So Ian is being feed to gain strength for something, hmmm, what can that be. What ever it is, Ian decided that he must find a way to escape. Instead of laying around waiting form his fate, he will plan, become stronger and wait for the perfect time to make his move. Will he escape before the ceremonies begin. Tune in.


37th Installment of La Diablesse

37th Installment of La Diablesse

Jane, Jane, Jane. What a brave woman, a lone American woman walking around in a country that just had a socialist revolution. And, on top of that, not knowing much about the island’s other side, The side where phantom women roams the nigh kidnapping their vistims. Well she fall prey to them, will she find Ian. Oh the things that love can drive a person to do. Tune Sunday for more of La Diablesse


36th Installment of La Diablesse Tomorrow

36th Installment of La Diablesse

Jane is on the move trying to find out what Happened to Ian, watch little West Virginia girl, you don’t know anything about the La Diablesse, you don’t kno0w anything about Obeah. Walk lightly, watch your back, because there are spirits you know nothing about. What will Jane find, tune in.

Parts Obeah Storyteller

From Obeah The Novel

He followed the Bokor for about ten minutes going in and out of the moonbeams. Henry walked out of the cluster of willow trees and into the opening next to a stream. The moonlight shined silver on the running water, the sparkle almost hypnotized him. The Bokor stopped just in front of him, so Henry retreated under one of the trees and watched. The man stood looking into the bushes on the other side of the creek. Henry kept looking, wondering what he was up to. A mosquito bit into Henry’s arm and he almost slapped it, but stopped himself and just grinded the insect onto his skin. Suddenly from the bushes, a portion of white material appeared. Henry parted the willow branches and peeped out at the man. Slowly, a woman walked out of the bushes and looked over at the Bokor. He did not move, as the woman walked towards him. Her eyes looked like burning coals; she wore a beautiful wide brimmed hat and a white veil over her face. She was dressed exquisitely, her white blouse had puffy sleeves, and she wore a long white petti coat skirt. She walked with a slight limp, but yet her movements were graceful.

She stopped in front of the Bokor and for a second they looked at each other like long lost lovers reunited. Slowly she stretched her right hand out and the Bokor took it. She pulled him towards her and they began to dance. Her white blouse shimmered silver in the moonlight. Henry was reminded of the dances he saw the colonists do at parties on the plantation. They stopped dancing and began to kiss, then they let go and looked into each other eyes. The orange glows that were her eyes flickered red while she kissed him. She turned away from him and started walking towards the jungle. The Bokor stood for a second, as if making up his mind on wither to follow her. His body swayed forward, then backward. She stopped and looked back at him. He took a tentative step towards her. She stretched her arm out and like a Jumbie he moved towards her.

Henry stepped out from under the willow tree. He tried to scream, he heard the words in his head, but no sound came out of his mouth. He tried to walk towards them, but after he took one step he could not move. Cold chills ran through his body, then his skin tingled and he was hot. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw another woman walking towards him. He tried to run, and at first he thought he was moving, but suddenly she was in front of him. A sudden weakness took over his body and the machete fell from his fingers. A wolf howled in the jungle, and for a second Henry felt normal again. The stream sparkled as it trickled around rocks; a bird flew over his head squawking. He bent down to pick up his machete, but the woman lifted her petti coat skirt and kicked him with a hoofed leg. The moon grew smaller as he fell backwards. The stars twinkled, even on the jungle floor. The woman turned and ran for the jungle as several shadowy figures ran after her. Henry slipped into unconsciousness.


35th Installment of La Diablesse Sunday

35th Installment of La Diablesse Sunday

Poor Ian, he is getting punished real bad. This phantom woman is trying to kill him. All this beating, and torture, and for what. Will he survive this, will he be able to escape, or will he live with them forever. Stay tuned.

Cool Runnings Storyteller

33th Installment of La Diablesse

“Why din you believe?” She lips were moving but it was she grandmother’s voice that came out.

“If only you did, you woun be here right now.” I started to cry

“Help me!” I pleaded, but the dream started to become distorted, I mean white clouds floated above she head engulfing she. She lips were moving but the sound of wind rushing made it seem like she was speaking on a CB radio that was breaking up.

“Noooooo!” I screamed, but she was dissolving into the clouds, I kept screaming louder trying to make she come back, but she disappeared leaving complete darkness.

Excruciating pain in me wrist woke me up, the night sky loomed down on me from the hole at the top of the cave, a shooting star trail cross the sky and I made a wish, I was a drowning man trying to catch a straw. The cave was dark and I felt like I was buried in me own damn grave, soon I fell back to sleep too tired to think anymore.

I woke up this time I felt hands caressing me body, I tensed up in anticipation of being attacked, but the hand only touched me gentle rubbing me stomach then trailing down to me pubic area. I looked down to the lower half of me body trying to see what the hell they were doing it was the woman who had pulled the little girl off of me earlier that day. She lips were pressed against me stomach now, small bursts of air escaped from she mouth tickling me skin, a chill ran through me entire body and I concentrated hard trying not to get excited. I felt she fingernails dig into me skin as she movements become more deliberate, I mean it was real obvious what she intentions were and I was not going to let it happen without a fight so I lifted me waist trying to detour she. She stopped, looked up at me she hair had a yellow like glow as the light from the torches bounced off of it. She looked down the length of me body until she was staring into me eyes then slowly she ran she tongue up me belly until she got to me nipple. She bit on it and it hurt like hell but I was not going to let she know that. She left me nipple and brought she face close up to mine and I tried to push she off with me hands forgetting they were in the restraints. She smiled and closed she eyes, man I tell you what, that damn woman looked like she really enjoyed how helpless I was. She leaned down and pressed she lips against mine and I move me head from side to side trying to avoid she, she grunted with annoyance and grabbed me face holding it still. She long nose poked into me cheek as she tried to pry me lips open with she tongue, man that woman could generate more saliva than a dog in heat. Suddenly she stopped and stood up to she knees a hint of anger flashed into she eyes and she spat at me.

“Don’t you think I am pretty?” she demanded, I just laid there me face turned away from she. She straddled me and grabbed me face tried to force me to look at she, but I tell you what, I was not going to let some crazed phantom bully me at all, man I tell you, that made she real mad and she raised she right hand and slapped me across the face. A flash of colours exploded in the air round me as pain rumbled through me head.

“You tink I am repulsive, don’t you?” she screamed and I watched as she hand disappeared beyond the light from the torch then reappear smashing into me face. This time I saw a red flash as one of she fingers dug into me left eye and tears gushed out blinding me, the palm of she hand struck the side of me face again, man I tell you, a rush of anger erupted in me and I lunged forward knocking she off balance for a second. She lifted she hand this time balling she fists and before I could react she punched me on the side of me head, that did it,

“You are beautiful, you are beautiful!” I screamed me head spinning from the blows, she stopped and looked down at a tray that sat next to me feet, she looked back at me and motioned towards the tray and for a second I thought she was going to hit me again but instead she stepped off the alter reaching it to me. I motioned for she to remove the shackles she hesitated, but removed them anyway. I sat up, the room spun, like I was in the middle of the ocean stuck in a whirlpool sinking fast. I was hungry, plus eating seemed to be the only way I could get the damn woman to stop attacking me. She started pacing round the alter she eyes never leaving mines.

“That’s a nasty bite on your nose there, we will have to doctor some more dont we?” she said. I ignored she, I mean what made she think I would play she sadistic little game.

“You don’t care what I say do you, you would like to destroy me right now wouldn’t you? She laughed. “Yes, I could see it in your eyes.” I chewed slowly, trying to not to cause meself any more pain.

“You, the living, you have no clue as to what goes on after you have lived and passed on huh?” she asked looking at me.

“Huh, you idiots fools walking on borrowed time, I hate you!” she screamed. I stopped chewing and looked at she,

“Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?” I asked, me question took she off guard and she walked up to me and grabbed me by the throat, food flew out me mouth but the damn lady kept talking,

“Don’t you talk back to me I never said I wanted to have a conversation with you. We leader on the other had she want conversation, she with her spiritual ways and her fragranced Goddess all dainty and sweet, trying to seduce you pigs. Me, I worship Erzulie Danto, the warrior Goddess, that Erzilie Frieda is so sweet and so good anyone might take advantage of her, but Erzilie Danto, now she is a true leader. Why do you think I am here, huh? To stop fools like you from thinking you could take advantage of us.” She stopped talking and looked at me she eyes surveying me whole body she fingers tightening round me neck.

“Some people only understand violence, like you high minded bourgeois, yes man types,you sell out to the colonialists, devour their education and then try to regurgitate it to the young people. That’s why I took that young girl under my wings taught her the art of defending herself. So don’t think because she is young you could trick her into letting you go.” She took a step towards me she eyes flashing with excitement.

“Violence is sometimes the only answer, the rush of watching someone slowly accept death, no more struggling, no more fighting for the last breathe, just peace, tranquility.” She shook she eyes closed then she leaned towards me and looked down at the tray.

“It would be better if you let me feed you,” I tried to talk but she was still choking me, then she let go and started pacing again.

“I can feed myself. Thank you.” I gasped and shot she the evilest stare I could. She climbed onto the alter looking at me impatiently she began to caress me shoulders and I flinched and a flash of anger entered she eyes and she stopped, looked at me for a second then ran she fingernails down me chest, she breath escaped from she mouth in short deep bursts, I eat slower watching every bloody move the woman made.

Cool Runnings Storyteller

32th Installment of La Diablesse

I tried to sit up, but the bloody metal restrains dug into me wrist and after a couple seconds of pulling I stopped and laid there me wrists throbbing. A sense of helplessness came over me as I looked up at the aqua sky, small puffy clouds floated by, birds flew by mocking me with they freedom, the hard surface of the rock was assaulting every bone and muscle in me bloody back but I tried to make meself numb to the pain by concentrating on the warmth of the sun on me.

Days went by and the women came and went some talking to me but others glared real vicious like. They would always bring food and drinks, which I refused, but was forced feed, man that was such a struggle, them women held me down grunting and screaming, thank god I did not see them much during the day so I spent most of me time thinking bout Jane. I would daydream bout she smiling at me or talking softly in me ear it was almost as if she was there with me. I would think bout what the La Disablesse had in store for me they seemed to be trying to build me strength up for something, man I tell you what, me mind raced with all kinds of horrible images bout rituals and sacrifice, but the thing that concerned me the most was wither they would exact they revenge on me for whatever horrible life they lived. Depression set in like a black fog and I lay there mentally paralyzed no thoughts no images nothing it was as if I was dead already.

One early morning, I was laying on the makeshift alter deep in thought when the young girl who had brought me food days ago came in and sat a tray of food next to me. She unlocked the shackles from me wrist and I sat up and forced meself to smile at she, she was so young and small I somehow felt less threatened by she. She tossed the shackles on the ground next to the alter and picked up the tray and handed it to me.

“Are you alright? She asked she face close to mine she hazel eyes lifeless. She smelt like jasmine,

“I am fine.” I said trying to portray me toughest persona.

“That’s too bad,” she said climbing up on the Alter. I tried to move away but she grabbed me face and sunk she frigging teeth into me nose, I screamed as I dropped the tray and tried to bring me arms up to push she away, but she bloody teeth was buried deep into the cartilage of me nose, a voice in me was yelling knock she off you fool she is just a child. I heard me skin rip as she moved she head from side to side voracious like a lioness tearing the meat off of its prey. I kept screaming me voice disappearing unable to facilitate the high octave of me screams, little bastard, wait until I get me strength back, she was the first one I would kill. The pain was not limited to me nose, there was more pain in me back as I trashed round on the alter trying to escape.

Then as suddenly as the attack began, it came to an abrupt end as she was yanked from me. I reached up and touched me nose making sure it was still there damn thing felt like raw frigging meat. There was a struggle going on in the sand next to me I wiped the tears from me eyes trying to get a look at what was going on, one of the women was holding on to the girl as she fought desperately to break lose, the woman tossed she round like a frigging rag doll pick she up then threw she to the ground. The girl landed on all fours and looked up at me growling like a rabid dog.

“Get out!” the woman shouted and the girl got up and disappeared through the entrance of the cave. The woman turned to me a hint of compassion she eyes.

“Let me take a look at that,” she said, I turned me head away from she but she grabbed hold of me chin and pulled me head round.

“Nasty, nasty,” she said looking closely at me nose she big gray coloured eyes assessing the damage.

“I will be right back,” she said and she turned and walked away leaving a musky sent lingering in the air. I lay there breathing through me mouth, tasting blood as it trickled down me nose and into me mouth. I tried not to move so as not to agitate me bruised back but not even me immobility helped stop the pain. The woman came back with an enamel bowl in she hands climbed onto the Alter and sat down on me grinding she pelvis,then she started wiping me face with a wet rag it was warm and felt good against me throbbing nose. Me nurse on the other hand was being less than gentle in she efforts to clean me wounds, she scrubbed and wiped talking the whole bloody time, I blocked out she words trying to think of ways to get to hell out of there.

When she was done doctoring, she sat on top of me still gyrating, bloody saints here we go. I tried me best not to make eye contact with she.

“Why, don’t you want to look at me?” she asked waiting for an answer. When she realized I was not going to say a damn thing she jerked me head round so I looked into she eyes.

“You should not have tried to escape that little stunt made everyone in here vexed with you, maybe you should not fight back, just accept your fate.” I looked into she eyes; they were so big it seemed as if she eyelids were too small to cover them, she large nose protruded from she long face overlapping she thin hard lips. She smiled at me showing two rows of teeth that looked like she was chewing on trees for the last lifetime.

“What is my long term fate?” I demanded, she started to talk it was as if I was not even in the damn cave with she.

“Many ah men have tried to escape from us over the years, but I have kept a watchful eye. I did not want to hit you over the head the other day, but it had to be done.” She voice faded away as she drifted off into she thoughts; the whole time grinding down on me closing she eyes at intervals, I tried not to get aroused but the more she moved the less control I had of me body. She stopped moving and sat on top me for a few moments she eyes closed then abruptly she got up, jumped off the Alter and walked to the entrance of the cave.

“I will come back for the tray later.” I looked down at the spilled food me nose still throbbing then lay down and looked up at the sky, I tell you what, I felt like a bloody animal waiting to be slaughtered or something. The sun was beginning to hide itself behind a dark cloud and for the life of me I could not keep me bloody eyes opened and when they were closed, images of what may be in store for me invaded me thoughts.

Me nose was still throbbing and small waves of pain flowed through me head every time I moved any part of me face. I thought of the little girl, man did I misjudge the little demon stupid me, found out the hard way how strong the bond between the women was.

Sleep crept up on me like a Ju Ju stealing the soul from me body and I submitted and welcomed the darkness. I dreamed about home the rose garden the sound of mangoes falling from the tree Dexter singing as he picked the fruit up. I also saw Alison in me dreams she was standing in the corner of she room with a disappointed look on she face.


32th Installment of La Diablesse

32th Installment of La Diablesse

Ian, Ian Ian, boy, you are in a bad spot young man. Laying there shackled waiting for ceremonies to begin. With phantom women everywhere, however will you escape, will you escape. Well people I guess you will have to keep reading.

Cool Runnings Storyteller

31th Installment of La Diablesse

I must have fallen asleep because when I opened me eyes the torches were lit up in a perfect circle round the cave. Yellow and red glows cast long shadows on the walls that scurried back and forth when the torches light flickered in the breeze. I sat up, me damn back ached from lying on the alter so long. I looked round, there was no one else in the cave with me so I stood up and stretched trying to get some of the kinks out of me joints. I took one last look round making sure there was no one else in the cave then slowly walked to the area where I say the girl came in, I mean, this could be a perfect chance for me to try a thing and escape.

I walked to the entrance taking one step at a time cautiously looking round, me heart racing as the vein in me neck throbbed and emotions rushed through me in a surge of hot and cold flashes. I walked beyond the light of the torches it was so dark I could not even see the palm of me damn hands, I groped in the dark making sure I would not bump into anything. After bout three minutes I saw a light ahead of me and walked towards it, the shadows created by the flickering light moved on the wall as if they were doing a ritualistic dance, sometimes, when the light moved it looked as if someone was laying in wait to jump on me so I stopped and peered into the dim lit passageway. In that one frigging moment of hesitation I felt something crash into me back and I fell forward smashing me face into the dirt. I tried to lift meself up but someone was sitting on me bloody back. I struggled to breath as sand filled me mouth, I tell you what, all that course sand stuck at the back of me throat felt like I had swallowed a mouthful of broken glass. I lay there in a Simi conscious state a fury of fists was pounding at the back of me head, suddenly the weight was lifted off me and I saw she white dress as I was dragged cross the sand, small seashells dug into me chest but I barely felt the pain as I slipped into unconsciousness.

I woke up with a start but soon settled down as a sharp pain resonated on the back of me head so I closed me eyes and shook me head hoping to alleviate some of the pain. When the pain subsided I slowly opened me eyes and me vision was blurry but soon me sight became more focused, the beautiful woman from yesterday was standing over me not smiling this time there was just the look of a wife bout to chastise she husband.

“We tried to be nice to you, but just like the rest of them you had to be disrespectful,” she voice was stern and she spoke with a slight Brutish accent.

“You have angered the women in our little community and now you must face the consequences.” At first I was afraid, but that was soon replaced by anger.

“Be nice to me!” I screamed, “you people or whatever you are kidnapped me, dragged me here and you want to be respected, what in the hell do you want from me?’ I shouted.

“No!” she shouted back she voice changing to a high pitch squeal. “What do you want?’” I was surprised by she reply; stupid cow forced me here and was trying to make me feel guilty for not respecting theml.

“I want you to let me go,” I shouted back at she. She leaned over, she face contorted with anger.

“Selfish, selfish!” she screamed. “Do you think it is fun for us to live in this limbo? This uncertain purgatory where the living is afraid of the dead and the dead scorning you for wanting to control your own destiny,” She walked round the Alter she eyes ablaze with anger.

“In their own way, all these women are beautiful, but while alive they did not have the chance to lay with anyone so when they arrived at the thresh hole of the light I was there waiting. Yes, I requited them, told them about Erzulie Frieda, the Goddess who demanded respect of everyone. She who hates the bourgeois and their greed and their disdain of the common people, I told them about how she seduced people with her charm and how they flocked to bring her gifts. They too wanted to be like her, get the respect in the afterlife they did not get when they were walking among you, the unforgiving living. So this is where we are, closer to Larilocan the place where the Gods live under the sea.” She stopped talking but kept walking round the rock. I wanted to scream at the witch tell she how what she was saying made no damn sense, but I didn’t want to make she more vexed after all I was laying there shackled to a bloody rock.

“There was a time in the past it was easy to find men for these women to lay with but some of the gods, those male pigs; they grew jealous because they wanted to deflower these women themselves, so they cursed us with these goat legs trying to make us undesirable to mortal man. Still we were able to find those who were so obsessed with sex they would sleep with anyone, but the new religions came with they rules and restrictions and the men who once were great warriors fell for they lies and now we are left to take what is rightfully ours by force. That’s why you are here you with your colonialist education, your catholic upbringing and your high and mighty social lifestyle, yes, we have been watching you for a long time, and you should have listened to Johnny and believed you should have paid more attention to your heritage instead of following the colonialist philosophy. Legba John learned the hard way, now he thinks he can rid the earth of us. Aaahhhhhhh, he is a silly old man.’ She threw she head back and laughed the high-pitched squeal sounding more like she was screaming.

“And we have you, yes, you me boy,” she walked up to the Alter and began running she fingers down me chest.

“We are going to love making you submit you are stronger than most for sure, oh, and don’t think you being in love with that yanky girl will help you either. I have waited too long to get hold of you.” She hand stopped right before it got to me privates and began rubbing gently, man I tell you what, I was becoming aroused real fast but I closed me eyes and tried to will meself not to, she realized what I was doing and dug she fingernails into me flesh I gasped, fear and excitement overcame me at the same time.

“Huh, we have been administering one of the strongest potions so that even if you can’t fight your natural desires. Erzulie Frieda has thought us intricate ways of seduction so just give in, let yourself enjoy because when we are done with you, you will be no good to any living woman.” She laughed again digging she nails deeper into me flesh, I lay stunned every part of me body throbbing as pain shot up me stomach.

“Now stop being selfish, these women have suffered long to be here, be restitution for all the male pigs that have oppressed women over the centuries. The slave owners, the abusive husbands, the high thinking bourgeois from which you were spurned, be a sacrifice to all women who have been treated like less than animals, be a man, be strong.” The smile returned to she face and she removed she hand from me stomach and reached up and caressed me cheeks with the back of she hand, I exhaled as the pain in me stomach subsided. I tried to move me head but she grabbed it and pulled it round until I was looking at she

“Life is too short, enjoy yourself. There are women out there waiting to perform an orgy of rituals on you. Relax; it’s every man’s dream to die that way.” She looked down at me for a couple of seconds then turned and slowly walked away. I was so angry me head felt like it would explode and I was shaking me whole body tense. I watched she walk away the sun shimmered off she black hair causing it to glitter with sparkles of dark orange, I thought oh god just what I needed an image of hell moving.