Make Possible the Impossibe

Windsurfing on the reflection of the sun on the ocean
Snowboarding on an icicle bridge
Surfing on a wave of lava
Deep sea diving through a coral reef cave
Tunneling through a mountain of snow
Playing hop scotch from lake to lake
Skipping rope with a rainbow
Playing a game of marbles with the planets
Sitting on a lightening bolt with your hand outstretched.
Falling in love and staying in love forever

POEMS Storyteller

When the Children Play

Last night I dreamt I was laying on my back looking up at the sky and there were kids playing soccer using the moon as a ball, and Jupiter and Saturn, Mars and Uranus served as goal posts, St Peter wearing all white was the referee, and the stars were the fans, blinking and falling across the dark  abyss, and the rings around Saturn flashed when there was a hard tackle, and wormholes open up to swallow the angry erupted. St Peter would laugh and the planets would shake, sending raindrop size star dust floating into space. and at the end of the game, when the children shook hands, the sun exploded, sending orange, gold, yellow and red streaks of light to the far corners of the universe.


Beyond Myself

When I hear you laugh

I see an explosion of light on Pluto

Stars combusts across the sky

Breathing while laying at the bottom of the sea

Walking across a lake’s surface

Running step for step with an albino Buffalo

Stand amidst a battlefield and bring peace

Stand at Heaven’s gate without having to die

Sing and it echoes across the continents

Fall asleep, and dream I did all those things