What could be your Lunch

Since its Saturday, your lazy day, what would top it off better than a really really splendid lunch. Hmmm, whatever will you eat. Like we say on the island, “Me no know you know” But hey that is why storyteller is here. Hmmm, How about sopme fish, ohhh yes, season overnight with onions, garlic, sweet peppers, hot peppers, thyme, celery, sage, a little rosemary, a touch of nutmeg. Oh yes, then you simmer it in a nice gravy. Yes man, this going taste real good I tell you. Hmm what you go have with it, oh yes, cook up[ some provisions, hows about some rice and peas, the peas, picked straight from your back yard. Me mouth watering already, yes man, I can smell that food all over the bloody village. Nuff, nuff, waters bubbling in the kitchen. Now, what can you drink, let me see. Oh yeah, what about some sugar cane juice, yes man, that going hit the spot for sure.cane juice.

Ohhhh yes, ahhhhh, just the right taste to go with that fish. Now all is cooked, best place to eat, yes, in the back yard, under the plumb tree, with the thick leaves blocking the sun from burning you.  Yes man, island living, the good old days. Soon come, soon come.