Beyond Fables: Poetry Amy Jones (Author) Solanche Robert (Illustrator) Grenadian Poet

“Beyond Fables: Poetry” is a collection of poetry written over the years by young Grenadian poet, Amy Jones. It contains four (4) main themes at which the poems are centered around:
1. Poetic Tributes to Mothers
2. L.O.V.E
3. Celebrating Strong Black Women
4. Poetic Tributes to the Struggles of Women

These poems dig deep into the aspects of every day challenges and experience of young people, written through the eyes of a young women.



The World in my Head. 1981

I would marry my pencil
The paper will be my groom
The words my constant companion
And I will write a sonnet across the sky
Send a message of love to the world
And all the warring nations will stop
People will love each other
And I will not be considered weak
Just because I am labeled a nice guy
And God will be spiritual not religious
People will understand the difference
Between romance and sex
So women will trust me
When I tell them they are beautiful
Women will not find writing poems corny
Men will check their ego
And express their true feelings
So with pen in hand I will sit on the ocean
Because my finish poem will be my honeymoon
And all my fantasies will be fulfilled
For the world will be a peaceful place

POEMS Storyteller

First Blood

The moonless sky glittered with stars
A lone fishing boat glided across the calm ocean
He sat looking out to sea
His A.K. 47 rifle held close to him
His socialists ideology imprinted on his soul
“Let dem  com” he said
His heart raced as he thought about the possibility of war
He knew he was prepared
Four year of training, running around in the forest
The cold rainy days, the hot sticky nights
He looked down at himself
A Russian made pistol hung loosely in its holster
Grenades lined the belt on his waist
A string of bullets crossed his chest
He could see his boots shining in the dim light
His heart is racing again
His grip on his weapon tightened
He will die for his country, or was it his cause
Or his people, or his ideology or is it a superpower
He is confused, who is his enemy, who is his friend
A lone jogger startled him as he went by
It was a student
“Capitalist pig!” he shouted
The student sped up and disappeared in the dark
“Bloody savages, dey should be destroyed”
He got up and followed the student
His soul alive with vengeance
Tonight he will draw first b