Battle Not

If you think love is a battlefield, it is quite obvious you have never been on a real battlefield.


Benumbed Laughter

I hear laughter in the cemetery, they are enjoying the comedy of the living



I am the graveyard for past reality.


Eyes Closed

When I close my eyes, I see butterflies gliding by, their wings on fire leaving a trail of smoke like a jet on a blue midday sky
I see a ballerina doing a pirouette on broken legs with mangled toes
I see doves with their bodies pure white, dripping crimson red from their garbled wings
I see a rose turn into ice and explode causing the garden to become a colourless wasteland
I see a man’s tongue wrapped around his neck as he garrote on his own half truths.
I see shadows follow the words I love you like angels of the damned as they voorste you to your conscious dissolution.

POEMS Storyteller

Alone in the Light

Alone in the light with my eyes half closed
An ice sculpture holding solid in the desert
Church bells beckon like a haunting
Melodies in the wind screaming
Thoughts are soldiers marching off to war
Love is on the frontlines forgotten in retrospect
Alone in the light but never seen
A breeze in the still night never felt
A dream with no beginning or ending
Alone in the light having a conversation with the benumbed


Soul Forgotten

The hum of the fan above the bed
The dripping of the faucet in the bathroom
The clanging of the old fashion stove as it heats up
The cracking of the floor as if ghosts are walking
The murmur of people walking by outside
The sound of your heart beating
The voices that whisper in your head
The squeaking of the mouse in the garbage
The funeral song stuck in your head
The taste of steel
The hesitation between here and there
The inviting but foreboding light
The humanity forgotten
The love lost
The loneliness escaped
The soul left hovering

POEMS Storyteller

Sleeping butnot Alone

Sometimes your past plays out in your dreams
A demonic Daja Vu
A reminder that lives in your soul
And surfaces when you have the least control
Sometimes a mellow personality
Can be angry only in dreams
Jealous only in dreams
Hate only in dreams
For if this dream was reality
It would be devastating to others
That’s why I keep my dreams to myself
Its my therapeutic nother world
Where the past lives
So that the present can be protected.


Forever Never

Walking with my shadow.

Like my shadow was forever

And forever was ending now

I have trotted through my forever

But I never anticipated forever could be never ending





The Whisper Poet Zee


Pics with verse Storyteller

Black and White Artwork by Bonnie Moore Delong

Black and White Artwork by Bokkie Moore Delong

Sometimes I see the world in black and white,
Black tree branches reaches up to the white heavens
Perfect harmony of contrasts
A lesson to us humans
A flavor of perception
Light to see to see our world
Darkness to protect us from ourselves
It is just as soothing to walk into the light
As it is to walk into the dark
It is salvation from ignorance