From Disorganized Crime, editing some.

Mr. Green and Mr. Blue were fighting with a fat man in a small apartment. Chairs, tables, lamps, dishes and even picture frames were everywhere. The place looked like a hurricane had hit it. Mr. Blue’s cell phone rang.

“Hello.” Mr. Blue said then listened.

“Who is it,” Mr. Green asked

“Oh, Vince, It’s you,” Mr. Blue said looking at Mr. Green. The fat man struggles and Mr. Blue punches him in the face.

“Am on the phone here, did you mother not teach you manners?” He said, the fat man mumbled something. Mr. Green put his foot on the man’s face. The man growled like an angry bear as he spat blood.

“What he want,” Mr. Green asked, Mr. Blue flashed him an irritated glance and talked into the phone.

“Go where?” Mr. Blue said then listened. Mr. Green struggled with the fat man’s feet, and for a second one of the man’s feet came loose from his grip and Mr. Blue was kicked in the face. The phone fell out of his hand and the fat man rolled over on it. They struggled to move the man as Vince’s voice filled the room like a CB radio. Mr. Blue managed to retrieve the phone and listened.

“What he saying?” Mr. Green insisted. Mr. Blue ignored him

“I know where it is,” he said into the phone. The fat man tried to get his foot loose again so Mr. Green sat him on the leg but his teeth fell out and he scrambled to pick it up before the fat man rolled over on it. He put it back in his mouth,

“What?” He screamed at Mr. Blue. Mr. Blue kept talking into the phone,

“We are Kinda busy right now,” he said, then listened,

“O K we will be there,” he said and rolled his eyes. “All right All right.” He said then gritted his teeth at the phone as he hung up. Mr. Green punched the fat man on his butt then glared over at Mr. Blue,

“What?” he screamed, the fat man began to struggle harder, as if sensing that his time to die was near. Mr. Blue punched him in the face and looked over at Mr. Green.

“We have to hurry,” he said. Mr. Green punches the fat man on the butt again,

“O K” he said, let’s take care of this pig, I think he soiled himself,” Mr. Blue grabbed the fat man by his neck tie and pulled him up, he swings a meaty hand at Mr. Blue and they fell to the floor, the fat man landed on Mr. Green. The green Disco Assassin bit the man on his arm again but once again lost his teeth.

“O K you are dead!” he shouted, they wrestled with the fat man, Mr. Green finally managed to get on top of him and began punching him in the face. When the man was unconscious they both kicked him until his face was a bloody mess.

“Hey, I think he is dead,” Mr. Blue said, resting his hand on Mr. Green’s shoulder to stop him from kicking. Mr. Green looked around for his teeth, but they were spilled all over the carpet. He kicked the man one more time. They cleaned up, made sandwiches, made sure  the wiped place clean then walked out.



The knock Out

This is what happen when you get three brothers together with boxing gloves. My brothers Desi my oldest brother Raphie, my middle brother, and me the youngest. We used to get together in his bedroom, move the bed to a corner, move the chairs into another room, and there is was, the gladiator ring in the middle it the bedroom.  First fight was between me and Desi, My older brother. That man had the would chew gum while we boxed. He hit me with a right, I stumbled back, damn he hit me real hard. I got a little vexed so I charged only to feel sharp pains in my stomach, my head, and my chest. I stumbled back, that face, that better then you face, that you are just a little brother look, the smacking of the gum, the blowing bubbles as he danced around, hitting me crisp, painful jabs. I charged, swinging wildly, I did not connect, all I heard was the sound of my gloves swinging through air He floated and then stuck another jab, I could hear him giggle under his breath. I threw a wild right hook, he ducked, and I saw the black glove coming towards me,m crashing against the side of my head. That was it, end of the fight, big brother won again, in fact it was just another ass beating from this monster of a big brother.
It was time for the main event, Raphie verses Desi. oh the battles they have had, the quick exchange of blows, the taunting, the anger. I settled down on the bed, my head still spinning, Raphie started off with a stiff jab. Desi’s head popped back and I saw the determination in his eyes as he connected with a vicious left hook. Raphie staggered back, stunned. Desi did not attack, as usual he was going to play with Raphie. He danced around, did his own vision of a shuffle, smiled and winked at Raphie.  Raphie rushed forward, he was grunting with resolve. He threw an upper cut, it was the most awkward punch I ever seen. he missed Desi’s jaw by a mile and then some. In fact if the air was not already there he would have missed it too. Desi smiled, blew a bubble with his gum and blasted Raphi’s face with a straight left. Then inexplicably, Desi stopped, dropped his arms and twisted his face. Then we heard it, the loudest fart you ever did here. The air turned sour and I could not help myself, I started laughing. Raphie saw his chance, he threw the perfect straight right. I saw Desi’s eyes roll in his head and he stumbled back into the wall. For the first time, I saw him black out for a second. That was it, end of fight. Raphie and I started dancing and screaming, Raphie had his hand in the air. “I is de champion, I is de champion!” Desi was still leaning against the wall, the air still had the fowl scent from the fart that propelled his knockout. Raphie and I were so happy that one of us finnly defeated the giant we call big brother, we did not take the time to make sure he was alright. We still talk about that today, of course Desi says that it did not count because he was not ready to defend himself. Too late, Raphie was the victor and he is sticking to that story.

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Green Leaf, the beat down.

When we were kids, there is this game we used to play called green leaf, the objective of the game is to always have a green leaf on you because if the person you are playing with walks up to you and said green leaf and you don’t have one, you will get the beating of your life, and you can’t fight back, you just have to stand there and take it. I know, I know stupid game, but that is what happens when its an all boys school. I had this fried named Desmond, he was evil when it came to the game. He would wait for weeks, and when you least expected, there he was, a big smile on his face. I would reach into my pocket, pull out a leaf, but after weeks in my pocket, it was a dead brown. I would get punched, pinched, slapped on the back of the head. I always avoided that boy.

Years later, I went to Wesley College, a Methodist high school. I did not know Desmond was going to be there, all I know is I am walking down the street when I heard, “Green leaf,”  I was stunned, I mean it was years. I took off, my skinny legs turning as fast as they could. Desmond gave chase, we ran through the streets, down alleys, through the market square. I ran down a side street and stopped, thank god I lost him. I walked out of the side street and turned back to the market square, hell, I was going to get on my bus and head home, but boy I was wrong, Desmond knew who my favorite mini bus driver and was waiting for me. He unleashed a hurricane of punches and kicks on me, my skinny body felt like it would break under the blows. He walked away smiling, strutting like he just got his first kiss.

Ten years later, I am walking down Utica Avenue in Brooklyn minding my own business when I head someone shout, “Green leaf,” at first I did not pay attention, that is until I heard footsteps coming towards me, they we hitting he ground heavy, and was more of a trot then a sprint. I looked over my shoulder and there he was, an older Desmond, the same bloody afro hairstyle only part of it was white. He was smiling real big. I did not stop to think, I took off running. So here we are, two grown men, running down a busy avenue one screaming “Green leaf!” The other dodging people trying to escape a beating. I got to an intersection and stopped, I mean what the hell was I running from, I am a grown man. Desmond caught up to me, but instead of the beating he usually meted out, he bent over, breathing hard, sweat rolling down his face, his shirt stuck to his back. He reaches out and tapped my shoulder, “Green lead,” he said in between trying to catch his breath. So now anytime I go back to Brooklyn, I was on the look out for Desmond, straining my ears over the noise hoping that I do not hear the dreaded words, “GREEN LEAF!!!!

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Revenge on the Bully

Brian Smith, one of the biggest bullies I ever encountered, that boy used to beat up anybody he could get his hands on. I once saw him give this other boy so much licks he turned the boys shot pants into a mini skirt. When you have a father who is a cop every bully love to take turns testing you. I do not remember why but Brian accosted me in the classroom. He stepped towards me, a menacing look i…n his eyes, “Teacher’s liccle brudda eh? I backed up until I was against the wall. I wanted to fight back but my skinny butt was not trying to get licks. “Wah, you fraiiidddd?” he asked smiling. “You touch me an I go tell me sista,” I said, that made him vex for so, “An wah she go do eh, I could beat he up too you know,”  I balled my fist up and took a swing, he ducked and everything went black and a rainbow of colors exploded in my head. “wah you tink eh? You tink you go beat me” I heard Brian say. His figure materialized surrounded by bright light. His shadowy figure walked away from me laughing. I leaned against the wall rubbing my face, he had slapped me so hard I felt imprints of his fingers on my face. I found my brother and told him what had happened. Rafi was vexed for so, but fighting was not an option, Mommy Charles always said, no fighting. We went home and when Mommy Charles saw the marks on my face he was real mad. She looked at us and said “Give dat buoy good licks tomorrow. We stood surprised, Mommy Charles said give him licks? The next day we followed Brian from school, stalking him like a lions would its pret. We got to the courthouse  and that is where we got our chance. We attacked and a crowd soon gathered. Brain was taken by surprised as me and Rafi punched, slapped and kicked at him. He rolled into the gutter and I jumped on him. A policeman came out of the courthouse to see what was going on then went back inside. I was sitting on Brain’s chest going Ralphie from the Movie A Christmas Story when the policeman came back out and pull us off Brian. “Ah go tell alyou mudda, stop dat fighting.” Brain stood up, a stunned look on his face. Without saying a word he took off running. Years later I saw Brian, he walked up to me and stopped. Slowly he lifted his hand, “You want a liccle weed?” He asked and smiled.