Sunday Everyday

I want to spend my Sundays where whales congregate to sing
Where my vision is blurred through turquoise lens
Where children water board on rainbow surf
And time is judged by the position of the sun
Rain clouds are a thing of beauty, not of dread
Where fools gold bring peace of mind
Somewhere where everyday feels like Sunday


From The Light Side Out

I am sitting in a rowboat on the ocean, so far our all that can be seen is rolling waves. Storm clouds covered the blue,except for one spot, directly above where I sit. The sun shines down on me and me only and I can see the world from orange to gray then black. Birds mere shadows in gold. rain like torrential firedrops. I find myself looking in from the light.

POEMS Storyteller

Upside Down

One day, when a rainstorm is about to burst out of the silver gray sky. I will walk down to the beach, step into the ocean and swim out, the tropical rain forest disappearing in the mist behind me. I will dive down to the ocean’s bed, lay on my back and look up at the rain crashing into the ocean’s surface. Watch the small ripples merge into one flowing wave, marvel at the traffic of tropical fish and mammals floating by above me. Maybe I will see this world differently if I see it from the bottom up.


Lady at the End of a Rainbow

I found her standing at the end of a rainbow

Her black hair satiated with colours

Her skin glistened with small drops of rain

A tropical blue dress clung to her

Waves washed ashore covering her feet

And when the waves retreated

Fallen colours seeped through her toes

Her arms raised above her head

Mouth open, tasting the drizzle

Time did not stop

Though I wished it would

She turned and looked at me

Her Smokey grey eyes smiled

I started to say something

But she turned and ran off

And I watched her dissolved into the greyblue storm

Pics with verse Storyteller

Fantacy Lunch

So I am sitting here in West Virginia, listening to the rain hit roof and day dreaming. I remember back on the island wanting to use the coal pot 1045600300_2a38d6254e_z

So I can cook up some food. But damn it, the rain was pounding on the galvanize roof, the wind was whipping the coconut branches, Stray dogs lay under the banana tree using the big leaves as shelter. Man I wanted to cook on the bloody coal pot, not the stove. So I brought the coal pot into the kitchen, fill it with coals, pour a little kerosene on it and blazed it up. Peeled the green bananas and plantains, washed the sweet potatoes, yams, tanyas, got out the avocados. Now all the provisions were ready for cooking. Then its time to wash out the salt fish I had soaking, get some onions, garlic, tomatoes and seasoning, put the frying pan on the coal pot, poured some coconut oil in there and fry up the salt fish, oh man, that scent mixed in with the smoke that bellowed out of the kitchen. Now my belly rumbling, the rain was real heavy outside now, there was something about rain and smoke I liked. When the salt fish was done, it was time to boil the provisions. Only one drink will go with this meal, a nice, tall, cold glass of guava juice,


ahhh yes.  And when all is prepared, I sat in the veranda, watching the rain fall, eating the food made for a tropical king.

Food Storyteller

Rainy Day Stew

Somewhere on the island, as rain pours down on the galvanized roof, and the drops create music on the windows and the chickens stand under the mango tree trying to get shelter, and kids are running up and down the mud path jumping into puddles, their laughter echoing through the village. Coming out of the neighbor’s kitchen is the most intoxicating smell of a lobster stew. Ahhh yes, I can almost taste it, the chives, the thyme, the pepper, and yes the fresh lobster. If heaven was food, this would be it.

Pics with verse Storyteller

The Rebel

Oh here we go, I guess I should start swinging from tree to tree, eat a banana, scratch me bum, jumping up and down barking just to entertain all yuh eh? Well how bout dis nah? How bout I turn round and shake me bum at yuh eh? Yuh can come as close as yuh want, I dare yuh, stand under de tree, yeah right dey, yuh face go be de bulls eye. Oh how bout I throw de banana at yuh, yuh could eat it, after all, all yuh humans and dem act more like wild monkeys dan I do. How would yuh like to get wet, eh? A little monkey rain would be good for yuh. Jus consider it a gifr from all me monkey friends and dem. Now go away, leave me alone, even monkeys need we privacy yuh know.

Pics with verse Storyteller

Good Marning me People

Good Marning me People

Nothing like an early morning tropical rainfall, you know, when you can smell the mud, and the grass and the trees. Oh yes, you can even smell the mangoes, and the soursup and the plumbs. What better way to wake up than to smell all these scents tickle your nose, and you lay there, somewhere between a dream and reality, breathing deep, and in your head, you are standing on the edge of Grand Etang Lake, and a light drizzle creates bubbles on the lake’s surface, and suddenly you feel like walking in the rain, so you jumped out of bed, opened your window and is greeted by sparkling leaves. The sun had come out, you have missed your opportunity to go walking in the early morning tropical rain. But have no fear, it is the rainy season, tomorrow morning you will be waiting bright and early for the heavens to open up and cry.

Music I like Storyteller

Sweet sweet remix

Its raining today so a little mellow reggae for the mood.

POEMS Storyteller

Rainy Season

Rainy days are made for walking on water

For listening to the rain hitting the galvanized roof

For day dreaming to the rhythm on your umbrella

For splashing in puddles as you walk

Oh yes that fun is not reserved for kids only

For watching the remnants of a rainbow float in a pothole

Smiling at the heavens when lightening cracks the sky

Creating a lyric to the blast of thunder

Sleeping but being aware of the wind howling through the house

The scent of smoke as Mommy Charles lit the coals in the coal pot

Sitting under a tree watching the raindrops darken the red mud

Falling asleep to the sound of rain on banana tree leaves