POEMS Storyteller

The Evolution of Colour

Purple clouds across gray skies

Silver raindrops crashing off red volcanic soil

Green leaves crying crystal drops

Yellow beams turns into bridesmaid orange

powder blue botanical turns into funeral brown

Multicoloured polka dots

Devolve into mud tones

Plaid rainbow of earth tones

Gold turns into brown sparks

It all dissolves into midnight blue

POEMS Storyteller


Time goes by
Sometimes its like walking on a silver road of stars
Sailing on an ocean of dark green seaweeds
Dancing on the surface of a lake bare feet in he middle of winter
Crying sunbeams for the joy of love
Being caught between a lightening bolt and a rainbow
Because the first fifty is the living years
And the last fifty is the dying years
That’s when time goes in bursts of speed and other times slows down to excruciating reality. All that can be done is to wait.
Wait for the ocean to part so you can walk towards the sun.


Lady at the End of a Rainbow

I found her standing at the end of a rainbow

Her black hair satiated with colours

Her skin glistened with small drops of rain

A tropical blue dress clung to her

Waves washed ashore covering her feet

And when the waves retreated

Fallen colours seeped through her toes

Her arms raised above her head

Mouth open, tasting the drizzle

Time did not stop

Though I wished it would

She turned and looked at me

Her Smokey grey eyes smiled

I started to say something

But she turned and ran off

And I watched her dissolved into the greyblue storm

Pics with verse Storyteller

Blue Mountian Peace photo from #VisitJamaica

Up there where the air smells like the coffee plant,  where the trees shimmer blue against the midday sun, where parrots can be heard carrying on a conversation. where the voices of the farm workers can be heard as they harvest the coffee beans. Where when it rains the rich soil sticks to your feet as you trod through the underbrush. Where rainbows hang so low you feel like you can reach out and catch them when they fall. Where the air is so crisp and clean it shocks your body at first breath. Where birds sing a melody as peaceful as a Marley song. And when the night fall, you can hear the echo of Rasta drums bouncing off the rolling hill tops. So you sit there quietly consuming the Blue Mountain magic.


Fire in Sky

She whispers and creates a fire rainbow across the night sky.

Pics with verse Storyteller

Good Marning Neighbouroooooo

This marning, I will walk to a far away place, where the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle is not heard, and mother nature is enjoying the peace that comes to the earth when there are no human beings around. I will find a path, where the leaves rain down on the inviting trail, so I can take a walk on a rainbow created by the season.

Pics with verse Storyteller

Good Marning me Neighbours

Good Marning me Neighbours

Time to wake up and follow the rainbow, let the cool Caribbean hug you, swim out until the colour of the rainbow rests on your head, slowly walk out of the ocean, let the colours roll down your body, stand in the early morning sun, let the colours glitter off you like a costume on carnival Monday.

Pics with verse Storyteller



When twilight arrests the day, and the lights in the building come on around the habour, a rainbow of colours bounces off the oceans surface, the likes of which can be seen from outer space.

POEMS Storyteller

The Fish’s Eye

I want to see a rainbow from a fish’s view point

Lay on the bottom of the ocean and watch as the rainbow

crash-lands on the emerald surface.

See the silver light from the moon seep through the dark

swirl and to the depths of my humble home

Hover right under the surface and feel the vibrations

from the torrential rainfall

And when the day is winding down

Swim as close as possible to the setting sun

bask in mother nature’s day ending ritual



Pics with verse Storyteller

Find Gold

Find Gold

You can find the sun dangling at the end of a rainbow. Colours like tentacles holds the sun right over the ocean, gold and orange with a red shadow. Peaceful yet brilliant,