I am the graveyard for past reality.

POEMS Storyteller


Ahhhh I don’t want to wake up
This anger feels good
Feels like a shooting start is bouncing around in me
Looking for a way out
It is circled with fire and ice
Feels like a Chinese carnival
Dragon hissing steam instead of fire
Voodoo meeting without dancers
Just drum beats pulsating
A rainbow with one colour
Bright orange vibrating
Love with too much passion
Flashes of darkness
Raindrops of tropical colours
But alas I must wake up
Let the colours dissipate
Uninvited reality takes its place

POEMS Storyteller

Sleeping butnot Alone

Sometimes your past plays out in your dreams
A demonic Daja Vu
A reminder that lives in your soul
And surfaces when you have the least control
Sometimes a mellow personality
Can be angry only in dreams
Jealous only in dreams
Hate only in dreams
For if this dream was reality
It would be devastating to others
That’s why I keep my dreams to myself
Its my therapeutic nother world
Where the past lives
So that the present can be protected.


Such is love

Walking in a torrential downpour of fire

Carried away by an arctic undertow

Walking on dry land with muddy feet

Falling asleep in your dreams

Sleeping to escape your nightmares

Leaping with faith crash landing on reality

Falling in love, but only fell into hate

Following the heart, but the heart took a wrong turn.

POEMS Storyteller

Lust (2002)

So he is at a quandary, Should he led her on, should he lay with her even if he does not love her.

Should he satisfy his want for intimacy. Will he love himself the next day.

Her mind is easily manipulated, her heart is like glass that would shatter at his words

He have always wanted to be selfish, get what he can and screw the consequences

Her eyes are him, the proverbial nice guy

The one every woman wants, but never pursues, everyone’s dream but his nightmare

She wants to be pampered, held, told she is worth something

If she gets that now she will always want more

The moment is not enough, it is mistaken for a lifetime

But isn’t life a series of moments that pass quickly, it’s the now not the future, the reality not the fantasy

So, having said that he asks again, should he, should he not

Should he be more concerned with his own satisfaction

Well once again he sits, his mind telling him yes, his soul in confusion.

POEMS Storyteller

Leftover Life (1999)

Should I feel, should I let them drain me more

Do I want to be lost on this iceberg filled with useless souls?

I stroll down the straight and narrow in a dream state

Why should I care what happens to the world

Nobody else seem to care, unless the situation directly affects them

 We are like beings without a purpose

Mere decoration in Mother Nature’s print

If that’s why I am here then why am I still walking?

Why do I stride with the emotionless?

There is no heaven to go to, no hell to suffer in

I am already there, stuck in neutral

My life a mere image of the scene around me

Wake me up before this illusion destroys my reality

Make me human once more, let me feel

Someday, I will shut out the souls that linger in my dreams

Be gone you selfish egotistical spirits

From this day on I will not be drained

I have one life with many moments

POEMS Storyteller

Today’s Truth, Tomorrow’s lies

We blind ourselves from the truth
I know, I have been there
And now that I am on the other side
And the truth is my reality
I want to stop the pain
But I am too much of a coward to do it
So I float here dancing with Jesus
Playing hide and seek with the devil
The truth has me stuck in the middle

POEMS Storyteller

At Work

This grind, this never ending grind
I want to stop and look around
Feel the wind against my face
Listen to the waves crash against the rock
Instead of the senseless garbage that is booming
From the stereo next to my desk
This numbness, this never ending numbness
I am like a robot to the system
I live not by my own will but by the will of what I have to do
What I am forced to do, forget me, what do you want?
I am not even here anymore I am lost in unnatural reality
Yes, the reality created by man
His will to control and dominate
I am drowning in a toxic creek of human confusion
I am spitting out my emotions drenching my friends
But they are too busy feeling sorry for themselves
I am lonely, there are no shadows on my walls tonight
Even the nightmares seem boring
An acquaintance comes over, its her birthday
She expects something, I have nothing to give
Not even my spirituality, I shut my soul down
Cant afford to feel, cant afford to be me
No one will let me, so like everyone else
I will zombie through life, no care for myself
No care for others.


POEMS Storyteller

Mommy Charles said there will be days like this.

Am I the village idiot? Is
this me without a sense of pride?
Do I dream too much and my dreams shadow my reality?
Hmmmm, do I need to question myself or the people around
Do I need the people around? anyone, someone
Wake up you fool, life is close to an end
Should I destroy it before it destroys me
Ahhh, but soon I go home to my dreams
Hopefully I will not wake up, I will dream the rest of my days
I should never have left my mountain,

I should have stayed away from these walking dead
I should have laid in my creek and watch the stars shoot by me
Waste my days looking at the only thing that is real anymore
The milky way, so far away it cannot hurt me

Yet so close I can enjoy its silver splendor.
I spit on this world and long for another, let my spirit rest on Saturn’s rings
Far away from humans, far away from concocted reality

POEMS Storyteller

Dance Uncertian

Dreams turn into nightmares
Nightmares to reality
Hate is a ballerina
Nimble on her feet