GGooooddddd Marning Neighbours

GGooooddddd Marning Neighbours

Its de weekend man, time to kick up yuh feet, lay back yuh head and do wah we islanders do. Relax and float.

Pics with verse Storyteller

That Time of Evening

That Time of Evening

It is that time of early evening, when nature finally decides to hide the mistakes that man have made in the daylight, and a warm breeze tickles the leaves of the mango trees, and a confused rooster crows somewhere in the bushes. When the owl hoots while perched on the branch of a breadfruit tree, and the noise of traffic and commerce fades to a simple murmur, and children sit on the veranda to watch the fireflies swirl around the hibiscus tree. Yes it is that time of evening to relax and float.

POEMS Storyteller

Beauty my Salvation

It is what it is
The truth as we see it
This beauty is not just skin deep
Beyond the brown eyes
Beyond the pink mystery
Beyond the smile
There is a gracefulness
That none other have captured
I see it every day
Translucent in its glory
Spiritual in its simplicity
Relaxing in its complexity
Yet here it is
Right here in this chair
Looking up at me
For a moment
I am standing at the white gates
Waiting for judgment
This beauty is the salvation