POEMS Storyteller

Lady Confusion (!999)

I made a new best friend today; her name is confusion
she speaks to me like she was my mother

She makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes my heart ache
She makes people say what they think you want to hear
She drenches herself in  emotional correctness
Soaked, she stands before me with an innocent look on her face
Her gaze seeping through me like a frigid Alaskan wind
She spits in my face like an angry revolutionary
She laughs at me when my soul melts
She pushes me off my cotton candy cloud
She even invades my dreams her presence a haunting Jumbie
Soon I am a shell of myself, the world around me a blur
I am a captive of her seductive charms
I struggle to emancipate myself, but she persists
I guess I will have to embrace her, invite her into my soul
Let her settle into where the rest of my emotions live
For best friends are heard to come by
And these days she seems to be my constant companion


POEMS Storyteller

The Old Revolutionary (written December 1983 Grenada)

I left my footprints on a beach with blood red sand
I left my soul clenched in the fists of a dying revolutionary
I sang a song of silent words to the shadows in my nightmares
I surrendered my consciousness to the taste of cold steel in my mouth
I accept that I am the living retribution for the sins of misguided leaders
I don’t expect loyalty and I don’t expect love
Because in this world, ideology trumps humanity