POEMS Storyteller

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Where the rats smile at you like children before an ice cream feast
Where cock roaches hiss like the harmony of a church choir right before repentance
A soul on the devil’s plated, seasoned with hate and greed, a feast for the damned
A priest with your heart in his hand, promising purgatory
Fire ants crawling right under your skin like a wave of volcanic lava
Sitting in a foxhole watching the scavengers feast on what is left of humanity
Laying in the dark with shadows for company, spirits lost between death and living
Dreaming where you live or living in a dream you wish you can forget.


From The Light Side Out

I am sitting in a rowboat on the ocean, so far our all that can be seen is rolling waves. Storm clouds covered the blue,except for one spot, directly above where I sit. The sun shines down on me and me only and I can see the world from orange to gray then black. Birds mere shadows in gold. rain like torrential firedrops. I find myself looking in from the light.


Afriad to Sleep

Last night conscious death eluded me
Snatched away just before the numbing
Fear of shadows dressed in camouflage
Demons waiting to take my body
Leaving my soul to wonder forever
Green yellow and gold raindrops burn my skin
Red, white and blue fog stifle my existence
Spirits on fire with patriotism
Innocence alight in the orange glow
Creeping in the dusk, laying low at sunrise
Spitting fireworks from the hip
Venom of indoctrination from the lips
Only for love of the world
Hoping that this love sets the world free.

Parts Obeah Storyteller

From Obeah

Akosua got to the tunnel that led to the path down the mountain, but turned up instead of going down. She walked to a rock that was the highest point on the mountain and looked out at the darkness. She stood and took the spear out of its goat skin holster, and held it up to the sky, and stood there for a second. The spear glowed so Henry positioned himself behind a rock and watched. Akosua stood her head to the sky as she mumbled. Suddenly out of the dark a figure approached her. Henry ran to her, but he slipped on the pebbles on the path and fell. He looked up just in time to see the figure reach out and grab the spear. Akosua tried to hold on to it, but stumbled and fell off the rock. Henry scrambled on his hands and knees trying to get to her.

As he was getting back up to his feet the mountain lit up with a brilliant white light. He stood up and watched the figure; it stood lit up just like Akosua when she first touched the spear. The blinding white reached the sky. And even the stars were like shadows against it. Henry heard the figure laugh as the power of the spear rushed through him. Light shot out of his mouth, as if trying to from the noise that his laughter made. Suddenly the figure screamed, as the light from the spear grew brighter. It lit up the mountain top and the jungle thousands of feet below. Henry looked over the edge, he saw the tops of trees that grew out of the mountain side. Birds soared around the mountain disturbed by the light, wild goats retreated stumbling on the rocks. Henry put his hands over his eyes to protect them from the light. Small white beams penetrated the clouds, giving the impression that solid streaks of raindrops was showering down from the heavens. The figure screamed in pain, as white light exploded from his body making him look translucent, as small beams of white light escaped his body. Henry got to the base of the rock and looked around for Akosua, but did not see her. He began to run towards the figure using his hand to block the light. Just as he was about to reach out and grab the spear Akosua appeared next to him,

“No Henry!” She screamed. Henry stopped and looked at the figure, the light had begun to dim and the mountain top became dark, until it was like before the figure grabbed the spear. Akosua reached out and grabbed the spear and the figure’s hand broke off, its fingers still wrapped around the stem of the spear. Henry stood and watched the figure; it was motionless, like a statue in a Catholic church. There was no more light coming from it, it stood just a dull white glow. Akosua touched it and put her finger on her tongue,

“Pure salt” she said. Slowly the feet of the figure began to crumble and it fell over the side of the mountain, Henry heard it hit the trees on its way down. He walked up to Akosua stood holding the spear

“That was the former Bokor leader. I knew someone had followed us here. It is a shame he could not join us,” she said as she put the spear back in its holster. It hung down her back almost touching the ground.

“Are you O K?” Henry asked. Akosua smiled,

Cool Runnings Storyteller

29th Installment of La Diablesse


I regained consciousness and opened me eyes, but it was pitch black and I could not see a damn thing, I tried to sit up but me whole body was racked with pain, metal bracelets bite into my wrists, boy I tell you what, me head felt like god was applauding in a very small room. I lay there panic stricken, I mean, what the hell man, where was I and why was I shackled up like that? I stopped struggling when I heard the sound of voices coming towards me I tensed up me whole body anticipated getting me ass beat up. I felt someone’s breathe tickle me face whoever it was smelt real sweet, like cinnamon or something. The dark form reached down and lifted me head and struggled with something underneath it, man I tell you, I did not move a damn muscle me eyes closed real tight, then it was quiet for so, slowly the person rested me head back down and I opened me eyes just before a white dress blended into the shadows.

I waited for a moment to make sure they were gone then slowly opened me eyes but me whole body jerked when I realized they had returned and were standing above me, I mean damn, what was it they wanted from me? Suddenly a torch lit up just above me face the yellow light blinding me. I struggled to get used to the glare and when I did there was a beautiful young woman looking down at me, she smiled and nodded she head I looked past she and saw another young woman right behind she. I tensed up for a second and then began shaking uncontrollably.

“The antidote, the antidote” Shouted the beautiful woman and the other form disappeared for a second then reappeared with a calabash bowl in she hand. I tried to get up but the young woman grabbed hold of me head and poured a thick bitter liquid into me mouth and I swallowed and lay there. The spasms were gone, replaced by a death like calm then slowly a cool tingling sensation gripped me groin and I found meself becoming aroused. I saw a smile on the face of the young woman as she turned and looked at she companion. After a couple of minutes I was breathing real slow, I mean, every time I inhaled me skin felt like I was submerged in a warm mud pit. I looked up at the women they did not say a damn thing and the smiles on they faces looked like they were painted on or something. I looked at the young woman who spoke earlier she hair was short but not so short she could not style it. She green eyes were a direct contrast to she ebony skin, I mean; she had the classic look of a Creole woman, she skin looked soft and smooth and despite meself I wanted to reach out and touch she. I forced meself to close me eyes and the tingling feeling began to fade away but me heart was beating so hard I could hear it pounding against me chest. She fake smile was embedded on me bloody mind and I felt a serge of emotion run through me, I mean, I wanted to reach up and pull she towards me running me fingers through she hair. I sat up, shook me head and looked in she direction but they were both gone leaving me to me thoughts, damn man, what in the hell was going on here?

I laid me head down and looked up, there was a hole above me and the moon was shining on me like I was a stage performer with a spotlight on me. I sat up and was surprised that the restraints were gone, I looked down at me makeshift bed it was a slab of rock that stood ten feet high and was bout seven feet wide and eight feet long. There was a lit torch on the far side of the space it flickered as a cool breeze whirled round me. I got off the rock and stumbled round it bumping into the poles that held the torches. I walked bout ten yards to the lit torch and took it out of its metal holder.

I scanned me soundings, the slab of rock was standing in the middle of what seemed to be a cave shaped like an upside down cone. I stepped further away from the rock small balls of fire falling from the torch as the wind grew stronger. I stopped and looked at the slab of rock it looked like some kind of alter or something, I mean, what the hell was that for? I shook me head and kept walking I had to find a bloody way out and fast.




From the ocean looking, lights bounce off the dark water, like a rainbow exploded against the night sky, like god spit millions of skittles on the island, like natures own parade of the bands on carnival day, making shadows dance against the blue purple skies, each colour as beautiful as a note on a steel drum.

Parts Obeah

Too real From the novel Obeah

After eating, Henry settled in for the night. Kwao and one of the Bokors were to take first watch; Henry and the boy were to take the second. He fell asleep the moment he lay down on the mat. Immediately, the dreams started. He was back in the Valley of the Weeping willow trees. He stood where there were no trees, the glow from the moon shined down on him. Silver light bounced of the creek in the distance. The La Diablesses were circling him, their white dresses misty in the light.

.”You are a fool; you should have come with us. A far worse fate awaits you on Jumbie Island.” They chanted. One of them came close and leaned in. Loose skin dangled of her face and brushed against his nose.

“You are no warrior, just the son of a slave driver. These people will turn on you and this time they will sacrifice you.“ She said, stood up strait, a dagger in her hand. In one sweeping motion, she brought it down. He felt his skin rip and blood meandered down the sides of his stomach. Henry tried to get up but she pushed him down. The others chanted, danced faster and faster, until they were a blur of white, then suddenly one of them was in front of him again. Those eyes like burning coals looked at him and suddenly he felt warm inside. She spoke, but all he heard was a humming noise. The La Disables’ threw her head back and laughed then floated away from Henry. Then she was right in front of him again, her corpse like face close to his, and she caressed his face with her rotted fingers. She grabbed the back of his head and kissed him. Henry pushed her away and she screamed.

“You can’t reject me!” lifted her dress and kicked him with her hoofed leg. Then she leaned down and licked the blood from his face. Henry tried to resist, but she was kissing him again. He pushed her away and she spat at him and piece of her tongue landed on his chest. He turned away from her, but looked back when she took her hands away. She was gone and replaced by the former Bokor leader. Henry looked around, he was tied to a pole and a fire blazed around his feet. The man’s face was painted red and blue, the hood on his robe covered his eyes.

“Am right behind you,” the man said. He sounded like they were both submerged in the ocean. The Bokor floated away and there was darkness for a second. He reappeared in the distance and floated towards Henry, a spear held over his head. He threw the spear and as if in slow motion it came at Henry. The tip of the spear sparkled in front of his face, and he shook violently,

Get up it’s your watch,” Kwao said. Henry slowly sat up and looked around. The others were asleep, Akosua lay by herself and Adobo was nowhere in sight. Henry stood up and stretched.

“Henry, Henry,” he turned and saw the boy sitting on a rock just above the campsite. Henry grabbed his spear and joined the boy.

POEMS Storyteller

War Outside Dark Inside (1983)

Fall into the blue and pray I don’t land
Where the emotional vampires live
For this is my life when they leave satisfied
I sit and watch the shadows dancing on my walls
Some times if my imagination controls me
The shadows reach out and touch my face
The feel of warm hands against my skin
Maybe if I am lucky I would feel a shadow kiss my lips
Or cuddle with me as I lay on the sofa
Maybe they can dream with me when I sleep
A faceless figure next to me, because humans are faceless anymore
Just like the shadows on my wall
Real but not really there
Ghosts that I can see, but run away when I try to touch them
And I will be alone again with my thoughts
With my empty soul and imageless dreams
I will be numb again, protected from my emotions
My emptiness an icepack on my heart


POEMS Storyteller

Shadows in the bed

Its just another night
When the shadows crawl into bed with us
Their screams torture our souls
Why do they torture us We did not take life for the sport of it
We did not take life to be God like
Hell it was revolution, war
So why do we feel so fucking guilty
Why do we not feel lucky to be alive
After the dreams we wash our hands over and over
But nothing can clean these blood stained hands
I know how God is punishing us
There is no companionship in our lives no intimacy
Our religion says that a man with companionship is a broken man
So this is our punishment we live alone with our shadows
Retribution is a bitch right
All night we hug our pillows
Sweat pouring down our bodies
The angel of death walks on a raincloud above our bed
He showers us with memories
We would soon rather forget
Its been so long but we just can’t seem to forgive ourselves
Maybe there is nothing to forgive, but I dont believe that
So we wake in the morning, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off,
Start all over again.

POEMS Storyteller

The Aftermath A soldier’s life

She lay in her room with her eyes open wide

Shadows dance on the ceiling above her

For she is dead when she is with the living

But alive when she is with the dead

She lay there welcoming the nightmares

For these people, their mutilated bodies

They understand, they know how she feels, they care

In a world of millions there are so many lonely people

She is one of the lucky ones, she has her nightmares

She wakes up in the morning not really wanting to face the world

For this world is not really her home

These people are not really her species

Strange faces, strange ideas where does she fit