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Left Behind

Tonight I had a dream I was standing in a field and the ground beneath me was moving, like an escalator but without the steps. I stood and watched grass then mud, then streets move under my feet, yet I stood still. It seems like the earth was in a hurry to get somewhere and wherever it was going I was being left behind.

Pics with verse Storyteller

Sleep Interrupted

Ok, why did you wake me up eh? Why on God’s green earth did you wake me up? Mannn, and I was bursting a good sleep too. Oh no all that smiles and baby talk not going cut it. Its cold outside, do you not see the snow on the ground? You know what that means don’t you? It means that it is sleep in day. Yes, sleep in day. Can you read the wuffing coming out of my mouth? Maybe you should learn to talk dog. You see that blanket next to me, yes that soft warm cuddly looking thing. When you see that covering me up and it is cold outside, that means, DOG SLEEPING. In human language it means DO NOT DISTURB. I was having a good dream too. Beach, sunshine, a really cute pitbull flexing near the surf, golden brown fur glistening in the sunlight. No no no, none of that baby talk going work, I already told you that. Just go to work or whatever you humans do, me I am going to crawl under this comfy blanket and go back to my dream. Go on, and don’t forget to pick up some of that gourmet dog food on your way home from work.


A Fireplace Hug

Somewhere, where the show lay heavy on the tree branches. And all animals seek refuge from the chill of early morning. You wake up, your vision still blurry, the remnants of dreams of the night before. You stumbled into your living room, your whole body trembled a little as the cold material of you sleepwear touched your warm skin. You walked over to the smoldering fire place, poked at the embers. Yellow sparks flew into the air. You placed more wood into the fire. They cracked and popped as small flames erupted. You settled down int eh recliner facing the fireplace and waited. Slowly the room began to warm up. Hugging you like grandma when she comes for a visit. You closed your eyes and listened to the wet snow bounced off your roof. Hear the lone wolf howl in the distance. Daydream about the white world outside. Slowly, the white daydream grew darker, as you dose off into sleep.


The Ten Year Old Snap Chat Hacker

This Sunday I decided to try and sleep in. I never do that but I needed the rest from being at the radio station late. So here I was of sitting on a beach, the sun blasting down and a cold drink in my hand. It was about 6am when my phone buzzed. Who could it be, nobody sends me messages this late. So I picked up my phone and looked at it and this is what I see,


I smiled and tried to go back to bed but then my phone went off again and this is what I see,


I shook my head again and tried to go back to sleep, but just when the sweet darkness of sleep completely overcame me, my phone buzzed again. Once again I picked it up.


What she changed, ohhh why is this little girl up so early, hmmmmm, she must have sneaked her mother’s phone and decided to send message to people on her mom’s friends list. Just look at that mischievous face. The glee of messing with someone. The anticipation to see if I would response. Now mind you this did not stop. Throughout the day I would get this messages,


I even got on that said Hacked in Wal Mart. So IK sent a message, then het mother responds. Seems like every time she sets her phone down, it would disappear and that is when I got these message that said HACKED.The last one I got said Hacked by this Gangsta. Her face was all twisted, trying to look hard core, but her fingers holding up a peace sign. Sometime tells me, this is not over. I may just be getting lots of these.


Its Monday Marning, Wake up me Raphie

Its Monday Marning, Wake up me Raphie

Raphie, Raphie, wake up nah mon, its summer time, no time for staying in bed and sleeping yuh know. Leh we go mon. I hear de rooster and dem crowing real loud, I smell de farmer burning de bush he just cut down.Mom get up nah, leh we go investigate de bushes, see wah kinda birds we go find. Mon yuh making me vex yuh know, I doh have time for yuh stupidness. Leh we go. I bet we go find some ripe mangoes, or some plumbs, or some gru grus, oh lard, me stomach rumbling, Yuh better get up before I get a bucket ah cold water and dash it on yuh. Wake boi, its time to go play in de words.

POEMS Storyteller

Her Smile

Her Smile

When I lay down to sleep
There is this colour that lingers in my head
Through the darkness, up to the ceiling
Across the floor, up the wall
Sparkling off the glass, outside the window
But I don’t mind, I can lay here all night
In this daze, my souk stuck in the last moment of my day
She smiles and my world is like sunset yellow


36th Installment of La Diablesse Tomorrow

36th Installment of La Diablesse

Jane is on the move trying to find out what Happened to Ian, watch little West Virginia girl, you don’t know anything about the La Diablesse, you don’t kno0w anything about Obeah. Walk lightly, watch your back, because there are spirits you know nothing about. What will Jane find, tune in.

Stories Storyteller

Baby Knows

Baby Knows

Ahhh the joys of fatherhood, playing with baby all day, then giving baby a bath and being too wiped out to put a diaper on him, so you and baby fall asleep on the couch. Baby laying on your stomach, drolling a river, the slimy natural contortion rolling down your side tickling you as you doze, baby snoring like a grown man. Then when you have dozed for what you thought was hours, but was only a few minutes, you feel a warm stream of liquid cascading down the side of your stomach. You think you are in a dream, laying in a warm creek on a hot summer day. But then you hear the babble of baby talk, and you slowly open you eyes and a toothless, snorty nosed, bright eyed baby is looking at you with a big smile on his face. So you attempted to sit up, as baby smiles even more, then you realized that you were too tired to put a diaper on him before you dozed off, and baby pee is still rolling off your body, so you look at the mess and look at baby and you see it in his eyes, he knew exactly what he did, sitting on mommy’s expensive couch, in a wet mess smiling triumphantly. But damn it, he look so cute with that no teeth smile you just can’t get mad at him.

POEMS Storyteller


The ocean without salt

Air without oxygen

A ballerina without toes

Ice cream without the cream

Love without the passion

Sleep without rest

War without hate

Politics without the lies

Religion without spirituality

laughter without happiness

serenity without peace

A heart without a heartbeat

Everything with nothing



Cool Runnings Storyteller

28th Installment of La Diablesse

The week came and went and there was no sign of the woman in white I mean I did not venture to sit at the window, if that woman wanted to get me she would have to come into the house. Jane kept a watchful eye on me, man, it felt kind of good having someone fuss over me like that. I did not know if she believed that I saw anything but she knew something had happened, I mean she even call the school a couple of times just to make sure I was all right. I tried to keep me cool so as not to not worry she, but I was not getting any sleep and the fact that the island was changing so fast round me was not helping any. Still I tried to maintain some kind of normalcy, I got more and more involved with the revolution just so I could keep from thinking bout the woman in white and it worked because I started to sleep better and the days went by a lot smoother.

A few weeks went by and one Friday night after a hard day at the school I found meself sitting at me desk at home looking at a stack of test papers, I could not bring meself to grading them so I got up and walked over to the window, it was the first time I looked out there since the last time the woman in white appeared. The moon was out making leaves glitter silver against the dark night. Jane was staying the night at she dorm she had a majour exam the next day and decided to study with some of the other students. Ken’s brother was sitting at they window I waved at him and he saluted me as if I was he damn commander or something, I wondered where he had went the days he was missing, some of the people and them in the village said he had gone to Cuba for military training but no one really knew, he moved away from the window waving at me then disappeared into the house. I stayed at me window watching the yauths go by they dark bodies casting shadows on the ocean the red lights on they masks looked like moving lighthouses. I walked away from the window and went to the bed leaving the window opened so the cool sea breeze could flow into the room. I dove onto me bed and was soon fast asleep.

Round three o’clock or so in the morning I was awaken by the sound of someone crying in the yard, I sat up in bed and listened for a while hoping that whoever it was they were just passing through. When the crying did not stop I got up and stumbled to the window and I looked round the yard, but saw no one, I called Ken’s name because sometimes he mother would lock the doors if he stayed out too late, damn woman had a strange way of disciplining she son. I got no response but the crying became more intense as if someone was experiencing some deep emotional pain or something. I leaned out as far as I could squinting me eyes to see better in the silver light when suddenly the crying stopped and a deafening silence followed. I was real puzzled, I mean, did I just imagine the whole damn thing? I was still half asleep and the cold breeze bit into me skin making it numb for a second. I began to close the window feeling a little silly, I mean, whoever it was must have left the yard.

I had almost got the window shut when I heard the propeller of a fishing boat going by its small engine labouring to carry its load of fish. I wiped a bead of sweat that trickled down me face and rubbed me fingers together puzzled, I mean it was a cool night, I did not feel hot why was I sweating? Then Like an electric jolt it hit me a hot flash that felt like someone had injected the sun’s rays directly into me veins, me stomach seemed to twist into knots and I inhaled hard trying to get air to me lungs. I looked down and saw the woman in white standing at the bottom of the window she arms outstretched she eyes twinkling in the moonlight. Before I could not stop meself I had one leg out the window and I was falling backwards the window disappear as the night seemed to turn to day for a second and then there was complete darkness.