POEMS Storyteller

When the Children Play

Last night I dreamt I was laying on my back looking up at the sky and there were kids playing soccer using the moon as a ball, and Jupiter and Saturn, Mars and Uranus served as goal posts, St Peter wearing all white was the referee, and the stars were the fans, blinking and falling across the dark  abyss, and the rings around Saturn flashed when there was a hard tackle, and wormholes open up to swallow the angry erupted. St Peter would laugh and the planets would shake, sending raindrop size star dust floating into space. and at the end of the game, when the children shook hands, the sun exploded, sending orange, gold, yellow and red streaks of light to the far corners of the universe.


Stop World

Life passes like clouds across the tropical sky
The days come and go like a whisper in the wind
A storm roars in from the ocean with thunder laughing
The leaves whistle a melody in the trade winds
The stars cry across the sky
And as the world dances across my memories
Just for a moment, it stops
There you are.

Pics with verse Storyteller

Sitting on the Raft in the Bay

Sitting on the Raft in the Bay

I had built a crude raft with some wood, logs and rope. In the summer, I would go to the beach before the sun sets and pull my raft into the ocean, paddle out about half a mile, and securely anchor the raft, I did not want to end up in the stretch of ocean between Grenada and Trinidad called the Bocas. So here I was bobbing gentle on the ocean, looking down at the tropical fish swirling around the bottom of the raft., then them scurry away as a barracuda appeared. I pulled out my Ganja, laid back on the raft and took long puffs. The smoke floated into the air blending with the skies now turning gray. “Jah Rastafa I.” I said, sitting up. The sun was now on the horizon. Brilliant colours exploded around it. i sat ad watched as quarter of it disappeared, then half of it was gone, and finally, it was all gone and the moon peeped over the hilltop on the island, and the dark skies lit up as stars winked at me. I puffed some more ganja smoke and watch the gray mist against the dark sky. A fishing boat roared by next to me causing the raft to roll with the ripples. I stayed there all night watching the moon slowly got to directly above me, then turned and watch it go down on the over the ocean. Then as the night dissolved, the sun rose over the hill on the Southern tip of the island. As the kids say, I wake and bake and sat there and watch the world turn from black, to gray and then to the bright tropical morning.

Pics with verse Storyteller

Walk Alone

Walk Alone

It is getting dark, mother nature is stuck between blue skies and a twinkling abyss. Its a good night to go take a walk on a bed of thorns. Leave foot prints of blood so love can find its way to you. And when love finds you, hate gushes out of its mouth like a cluster of butterflies.

POEMS Storyteller

Somewhere in Eastern Kentucky Artwork By Bonnie Moore Delong

Somewhere in Eastern Kentucky Artwork By Bonnie Moore Delong

Somewhere in Eastern Kentucky
There are shadows against the gray blue sky
Silhouettes, like men, reaching for the stars
Clouds like vanilla cotton candy
Branches reach up to the eatable sky
Tree trunks, majestic, mother earth’s flag pole
Dark underbrush, hiding place for creature small
Somewhere in the holler, where green grass sparkles blue
And Cardinals fly low, red against the blue grass
Yellow Golden Rods cover the rolling hills
Bobcats prance across the creeks
And deer run freely on the hill next to the train tracks
And back in the valley, where the trees reach out to the sky
A peaceful rythem echos whrn the wind rushes through the leaves.


Beyond Myself

When I hear you laugh

I see an explosion of light on Pluto

Stars combusts across the sky

Breathing while laying at the bottom of the sea

Walking across a lake’s surface

Running step for step with an albino Buffalo

Stand amidst a battlefield and bring peace

Stand at Heaven’s gate without having to die

Sing and it echoes across the continents

Fall asleep, and dream I did all those things







Somewhere, the ocean looks like the stars had fallen from the sky
And you feel the urge to wade in it
Swim through the sparkling ocean
Walk out glittering in the moonlight
Feeling like the man who lit up the world
And lead lost souls to their final destination


Too Tall

Too Tall

Lesson learned, never walk and talk to a short person, they can walk right under doorways, MY SEVEN FOOT FRAME CAN’T!!!!!!!!! LOL. I saw really colourful stars, then the stinging pain on my forehead. Ohhhh the perils of a giant.


Wild and Wonderful

There were stars shining down on West Virginia last night

Reflecting on the Ohio river as it slowly meander along

On the mountain tops, earth tones in the dark

Streams like silver cracks rushing trough the rolling hills

On the deer prancing across a winding road

The laughter that echoes across the valleys

The silhouette of the coal train at the top of a hill

Across from a house where you sit on a porch taking it all in.





So Close

I saw you gliding on a moonbeam

Your auburn hair floating behind you like wings

Your tropical blue gown hugged your body, unmoving

Your smile sending light to Pluto

Your hands outstretched

As if beckoning the world to join you

So I reached out to touch

And you exploded in a vapour of sparkling dust

Then it was dark, except for a foggy yellow glow

That slowly materialized into the light from the street lamp.