Turned Away at the Gates

Who is afraid of the man in the black suit?
He comes in many forms
Cold steel pressed against the head
Deep and sharp to the heart
An acidic taste with a twist of lime
Who is afraid of the man in the black suit
I am not afraid of the man in the black suit
He hides from me like a shy girl
Like love he cowers in the shadows
Just like a pray, he never answers
Deceitful like a testimony
Walks as white light on a Sunday afternoon
Who is afraid of the man in the black suit
Not me
The man in the black suit is afraid of me
He slams his iron gate in my face
He says I was too eager to meet him
So he leaves me here to suffer

POEMS Storyteller

Leftover Life (1999)

Should I feel, should I let them drain me more

Do I want to be lost on this iceberg filled with useless souls?

I stroll down the straight and narrow in a dream state

Why should I care what happens to the world

Nobody else seem to care, unless the situation directly affects them

 We are like beings without a purpose

Mere decoration in Mother Nature’s print

If that’s why I am here then why am I still walking?

Why do I stride with the emotionless?

There is no heaven to go to, no hell to suffer in

I am already there, stuck in neutral

My life a mere image of the scene around me

Wake me up before this illusion destroys my reality

Make me human once more, let me feel

Someday, I will shut out the souls that linger in my dreams

Be gone you selfish egotistical spirits

From this day on I will not be drained

I have one life with many moments