Afriad to Sleep

Last night conscious death eluded me
Snatched away just before the numbing
Fear of shadows dressed in camouflage
Demons waiting to take my body
Leaving my soul to wonder forever
Green yellow and gold raindrops burn my skin
Red, white and blue fog stifle my existence
Spirits on fire with patriotism
Innocence alight in the orange glow
Creeping in the dusk, laying low at sunrise
Spitting fireworks from the hip
Venom of indoctrination from the lips
Only for love of the world
Hoping that this love sets the world free.


Confusion or love

That moment when love and confusion converge
Like lukewarm water on an arctic soul
Where hot lava erupts from an iceberg
And birds fly north for the winter
Butterflies blossoms into beautiful caterpillars
Water is boiled to make ice
Surfers surf on waves of sand
Demons sing hymns to the poor and needy
God and the devil eats breakfast together at sunrise


Ahhhhhh Photo from Dominica, Nature Island of the Caribbean

Nothing better than a Sunday morning island sunrise.

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Good Marning me Neighbours

Good Marning me Neighbours

Hey you, yes you, its bright and early, look at the sun rising, listen to the seagulls squawking, hear the wind whistling through the coconut trees. Its time to wake up me people. Me, what am doing? Well I here to give you your morning kiss you know. Come on, you know you want me to kiss you. Am cute, look at me, loot at this face, how can you refuse eh? Come on, pucker up, its you early morning kiss, don’t be shy, What I not good enough to kiss, muah, muah, muah, There, you loved it, he he he he, yes you did. Now get up, its a new day, wake up and live while you living.

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Free bird, free human
Free to roam the earth with you soul on your shoulders
Free to enjoy being captive by your imagination
Free to see the fallen race from every prospective
Because freedom is free
So feel free to freeup yourself
Like the bird, in open space
Captured by the sky, sea and sunrise

Pics with verse Storyteller

Window to the sun

Window to the sun

I had a dream about a place like this, then one day while I walked home, I stopped and looked out to see and realized, this was no dream.