POEMS Storyteller

Cloud Surfing

Sitting on cloud nine looking down and cloud eight hoping I can go back there but knowing I do not belong.

Sitting on cloud nine looking up at cloud ten knowing that if I ascend I will lose myself.

Dancing on cloud nine hopping my footsteps will wake up the sleeping faithful;

Rolling around on cloud nine sending puffs of cotton across the sky with a message of living for the moment.

Sleeping on cloud nine dreaming of clouds one through sever, praying for clouds nine through fifteen wanting them to combine so all dreams become one.


Confusion or love

That moment when love and confusion converge
Like lukewarm water on an arctic soul
Where hot lava erupts from an iceberg
And birds fly north for the winter
Butterflies blossoms into beautiful caterpillars
Water is boiled to make ice
Surfers surf on waves of sand
Demons sing hymns to the poor and needy
God and the devil eats breakfast together at sunrise

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Good Marning Neighbours

Good Marning Neighbours

Ahhh yes, someway, on some island, dere is a regatta going on. Sail boat races, swimming competitions, jet skiing, wind surfing, water skiing. I tell you, me neighbour done cook up she oil dung you know, don forget to pack de passion fruit juice,, and some mangos, and plumbs, and water melon. We need plenty ah food. Cause all weekend, we go be on de water having fun. Ahhhh yes is de weekend, time to created memories for so.

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Early Morning Ocean

Its 6 am, the sun is just rising as if being given birth by the green hill top. You stand on the beach right where the ocean crashes onto the beach. You shake a little as the cool ocean rushes around your feet., feel you feet sink into the sand as it retreats into the blue surf. Close your eyes and see that moment play back in your head in slow motion. Realize that you are not dreaming, you really are standing on the edge of paradise found.

Pics with verse Storyteller

The Other Ocean Photo by Scott Hall

The Other Ocean

Its seven thirty am, its the other ocean, you wake up look outside and think, its the beach, it can’t be that cold, that is until you step outside and it is forty degrees. You want to go back inside, but though the ocean is grey, and the water looks more like snow as it break onto the cream coloured beach. You have to come to the conclusion, this is beautiful.