Stop World

Life passes like clouds across the tropical sky
The days come and go like a whisper in the wind
A storm roars in from the ocean with thunder laughing
The leaves whistle a melody in the trade winds
The stars cry across the sky
And as the world dances across my memories
Just for a moment, it stops
There you are.

POEMS Storyteller

Rainy Season

Rainy days are made for walking on water

For listening to the rain hitting the galvanized roof

For day dreaming to the rhythm on your umbrella

For splashing in puddles as you walk

Oh yes that fun is not reserved for kids only

For watching the remnants of a rainbow float in a pothole

Smiling at the heavens when lightening cracks the sky

Creating a lyric to the blast of thunder

Sleeping but being aware of the wind howling through the house

The scent of smoke as Mommy Charles lit the coals in the coal pot

Sitting under a tree watching the raindrops darken the red mud

Falling asleep to the sound of rain on banana tree leaves


Pics with verse Storyteller

Rainy day in West Virginia

Rainy day in West Virginia

Look out ah door, de rain is coming down inna de concrete jungle. Filling de Ohio river, water splashing in de potholes dem. Ahhh yes, rain is rain wherever you are, only here is West Virginia, de rain hit you skin real cold. Like small icicles bouncing off you skin. Child, dis not no tropical rain attall attall attall.

POEMS Storyteller


Those are not tears, they are raindrops. Its like mother nature lives in me and there is a storm brewing, its love about to unleash thunder and lightening on the fallen human race.  

POEMS Storyteller

In a World Somewhere

I want make love to a woman on cotton candy sheets

Know that when I kiss her neck, her cheeks

Her natural taste is stronger than the candy

We would lie in bed in my little hut

That sat on top of a mountain on my little island

We would listen to the storm as the rain bounced off the tin roof

Sounding like drums at a voodoo meeting

Then we would get up and walk into the rain

The big pellets massaging our naked bodies as we walk down a muddy path

That leads to the ocean as fireflies lit up the night with a misty glow

We would sit on the sand and watch the moon cry

Down on the ocean as the sky moaned

Listen to the seagull’s fish for a late night snack

Their calls echoing off the mountain, through the trees and back to the ocean

Then we would walk back on the path to the cotton candy bed

We would lay there and listen to the wind and the thunder

Our bodies sticking together a combination of water and cotton candy

I would tell her stories my voice a mere whisper against nature’s symphony

She would fall asleep, her head resting on my chest, her breath tickling my skin.

Parts Obeah Storyteller

The Apperance

Henry was still asleep under the mango tree when suddenly his body became hot, like he was floating above the pits of hell. Out of the darkness he saw someone standing in front of him.  Henry blinked and rubbed his eyes. The man’s face looked like it was made of iron; his green jacket had black stripes on it that made him look tall. He leaned down towards Henry, his hand hidden behind his back. Henry squinted to see if he recognized the man, but his dark face blended with the starless sky behind him. Lightening blasted, turning the night into a sheet of white. Thunder exploded and the ground shook like a violent earthquake rumbled across the island. Henry’s heart raced up as the blinding lightening flash again, followed by the ground shaking thunder. Henry tried to stand up, but he stumbled and fell hitting his back against the trunk of the mango tree. The man turned to Henry, his iron face blended in with the dark sky. He took another step towards Henry his right hand still hidden behind him. Henry cowered away, his vision blurred from the moving earth. Suddenly the man lifted his arm above his head; he was holding a machete,

“Gren mwe fret” he screamed in a nasal voice. The machete’s sharp edge glittered in the lightening flash. Henry screamed, as the man brought the machete down. Henry grabbed his arm, his skin felt like iron and he heard the pops and cracks as his fingers began to give out under the weight of the man. Suddenly he was sitting up looking up at the star filled sky.

Henry looked around; he was lying on the ground next to the mango tree. He checked his body to make sure all his parts was still where they should be. He tried to stand up, but his legs buckled under him and he hit the ground with a sickening thud. He lay there, as a mixture of hot and cold rushed through him. He shook violently, his joints felt as if they were being ripped from his body. Suddenly Adofo stood looking down at him.