The End Result For all Sides

The End Result For all Sides

Most of us don’t believe in what is right, we just believe in what solidifies what we believe to be true.

POEMS Storyteller

Random Thoughts 2

I am singing with wounded lips

Like life words escape me

I am dancing with injured legs

Moving gracefully without motion

I am crying with ice for tears

Hoping hot emotions will melt it

I am spitting snow across a tropical beach

Waiting for footprints to lead me

I am fighting with my convictions

Whispering lies filled with truth


Parts Dirty Immigrant Storyteller

No one I know says “A Mon”

Another thing I realized is that rednecks love to talk like brothers. I don’t know if they were mocking, or just thought they were being cool. To tell you the truth, there is nothing more comical than a back-hills redneck trying to sound like Snoop Dawg. I was working in the storeroom at the toy store minding my own business. One of my duties was helping customers load up their big-ticket items. This gentleman wearing blue overalls came in and smiled at me. He had that look of, I want to be your buddy, you cool black man.  He hesitated for a second, then leaned into to me and said, “Wass up dog?” 

I did not respond so he looked at me with that do-you-think-you-are-better-than-me look.  Truth is, I barely heard what he had said. My attention was focused on a line of snuff hanging out the corner of his mouth. When he spoke, small drops of brown of spit landed on the counter. I almost threw up because with every word he spoke, he sprayed brown shit on me. At the same time, one of the other workers asked me a question. As soon as I responded, the redneck’s eyes lit up and he said, “A Mon”.

Now nothing irritates me more than when someone tries to imitate my accent, especially since they used the Hollywood version of the way us Islanders speak. I could not be angry with him because he had this stupid smile on his face. He was truly proud of himself for trying to make a stranger feel at home. Thank you, “In Living Color”.  You have made it possible for every Tom, Dick and Barney Fife to practice their Caribbean accent. Now this may seem trivial to you, but remember, people, a lot of what you read or see on television about Caribbean people is highly exaggerated. We don’t run around barefoot hungry and angry. We are not simple people who don’t understand the world. Believe me, some of us have had experiences that would make your hair stand up on your head.


POEMS Storyteller

Cultureshock vs Mistrust (January 30th 1986)

As they rejoice over their victory
I feel it again, it is that knot in my stomach
That feeling of defeat, that lack of trust
I live vicariously among them
Knowing that within a second they can turn on me
For I think different, I see the world differently
Today the world is grey again
The clouds hang over my head like an atomic mushroom
I see faces I encounter everyday
Yet I don’t really recognize them
Their faces bare smiles, but in their hearts lurk a dark shadow
We are first world, we know best
You are just jealous because we can kill you in a heartbeat
A dubious thing to be proud of
Their rhetoric covers the earth like smoke from an oil fire
Their souls are covered with religious lies
So I live walking on eggshells
Waiting for the day when my words are misinterpreted
And they become offended and they turn on me like sharks on the attack
And they will try to devour me
Until that day I will live with my soul in my hands
My eyes wide open to the truth
For all I have is myself
Now tell me, is that the way life should be lived


POEMS Storyteller

Today’s Truth, Tomorrow’s lies

We blind ourselves from the truth
I know, I have been there
And now that I am on the other side
And the truth is my reality
I want to stop the pain
But I am too much of a coward to do it
So I float here dancing with Jesus
Playing hide and seek with the devil
The truth has me stuck in the middle