Parts Dirty Immigrant Storyteller

A Nightmare

The night before we left for The Wild and Wonderful City, I had one of the most vivid nightmares I’d had since coming to this country. All the stress from moving to another strange place did not help. I was homesick and wanted to be around people from my island simply because I knew only they would understand the images in my head. I was restless that night but somehow fell asleep.

I walked into the concrete building. My legs were shaking so hard I stumbled and almost fell. Smoke filled the room, causing my eyes to sting. Gunshots and explosions rocked the structure as the battle raged outside. Tears rolled down my face and I wiped my eyes with my fingers, but that made them burn even more. I walked further into the room, my chest burning, my skin tingling. I thought I saw someone move and I almost fainted with fear. Suddenly, it was quiet, and I heard myself breathing, the sound echoing in my head. I thought I saw someone move again, so I stopped and looked around. I took a step, my boots sliding on the floor. I thought I had stepped on a rock so I bent over and picked it up. I almost passed out when I realized I had picked up a severed finger and immediately froze as a cold breeze whipped through the room, clearing the smoke. I looked around the room, my vision still blurred. Body parts covered the walls of the room; fingers, toes and raw flesh dripped off of the ceilings. There was a body laying against the wall in a corner, the young man holding his stomach. Its contents spilled out, some of it lying on his lap. In the mush of flesh lying on the ground, I saw boot prints made by retreating soldiers. The walls were crying, blood draining onto the floor.

The stench of blood and rotting flesh burned my nostrils as hundreds of flies buzzed around, the sound resonating in my mind. Rats scurried around my feet. Some stopped to bite at my boots, so I took a step, trying to get away from them, but only managed to slip and fall. The rats scattered in every direction, snarling as if infected by rabies. I lay there for a second, blood and pieces of mashed flesh soaked into my shirt. I pushed myself up with my hands, worms crawling up my arms. My hands slipped and I landed face first into the mess. The rats were not affected by the commotion I made; they were too busy feasting on the body parts.

I got to my feet just as a group of soldiers charged into the room shooting, so I dove to the floor trying to avoid being shot. A soldier fell next to me, a gaping hole where his nose used to be. Blood squirted out of the wound, landing on my face. It was warm and tasted salty. I sprung to my feet and began running. I did not care where I was going; I just wanted to escape. I saw a wall in front of me and tried to stop, but the floor was too slick. Just before impact, a dark hole appeared and I fell through. There was no light at the bottom; it was so peaceful.

POEMS Storyteller

War Outside Dark Inside (1983)

Fall into the blue and pray I don’t land
Where the emotional vampires live
For this is my life when they leave satisfied
I sit and watch the shadows dancing on my walls
Some times if my imagination controls me
The shadows reach out and touch my face
The feel of warm hands against my skin
Maybe if I am lucky I would feel a shadow kiss my lips
Or cuddle with me as I lay on the sofa
Maybe they can dream with me when I sleep
A faceless figure next to me, because humans are faceless anymore
Just like the shadows on my wall
Real but not really there
Ghosts that I can see, but run away when I try to touch them
And I will be alone again with my thoughts
With my empty soul and imageless dreams
I will be numb again, protected from my emotions
My emptiness an icepack on my heart


Parts Obeah Storyteller

When Jab Jabs Attack, real bad Ju Ju (From the novel Obeah)

Jab Jabs!” she shouted, as she moved out of the way of one of the devils. The Jab Jabs all had clubs that they swung as they charged. Henry swung his machete at one of the Jab Jabs; the demon looked at him in disbelief, and then looked at his own body. There was a long cut that went from his chest to his waist. Ashes spilled out of him cascading down his legs and onto the ground creating a small mound of ashes at his feet. He looked back up at Henry, then vanished leaving a cloud of ash floating in the air. Out of the corner of her eyes, Akosua saw a Jab Jab coming towards her, his club held over his head. She waited until he was close, sidestepped, and pushed him into a tree. The Jab Jab melted into the tree trunk and an ear splitting crack filled the rock valley as the tree exploded. It hit the ground and the valley shook. The Jab Jabs came in waves, their voices suddenly echoing through the valley, trees shook and swayed, leaves curled as if hiding with fear. “This way!” Donkor shouted as he pushed around Akosua. Akosua and the others followed fighting off Jab Jabs as they went. The jab Jabs disappeared every time they were struck, but more of them appeared out of thin air. They ran until they were at the edge of the jungle looking down to the middle of the mountain top. It was like looking down on a snow covered field. The Jab Jabs were fast approaching and they turned around to confront the wave of demons. Akosua swung her Machete and two Jab Jabs disappeared, she coughed as the air around her became a mist of ashes. Their red tongues stretched out, their red eyes blazing but somehow seemed lifeless. Akosua jumped down onto the white ground and Henry and the warriors followed her.   The mountaintop echoed with crunches as they landed on the white earth. Kwao hesitated, his back to the Jab Jabs. One of them hurled his body at Kwao and disappeared into him. The boy stumbled forward onto the white ground. He turned and looked at Akosua and stretched his arm out. At first he looked like he was pleading for help, but instead, his expression changed into a menacing stare. Without saying a word he raised his machete and charged at her. Donkor raised his machete just as Kwao brought his down. The sound of metal against metal echoed loudly. Kwao raised his machete again and Donkor stepped back and blocked Kwao’s swing with his machete. Donkor stumbled back leaving Akosua exposed to Kwao’s attack. The boy lunged at Akosua, ash exploded from his mouth. Akosua looked into his eyes it was turning red. His tongue was stretched out; it was slowly changing from pink to red. The change started from the tip of his tongue, and soon his whole mouth was red. Slowly, he began to turn an ashy colour, the change going up his arm to his body. Akosua prepared herself for his charge, but before he got to her Adofo had wrapped his arm around Kwao from behind. Kwao struggled, his eyes completely red, his tongue had turned into blood red and the upper half of his body was ash coloured. He continued to struggled and almost escaped Adofo’s hold, but Donkor had rushed over and grabbed him. Suddenly his whole body jerked and he leaned forward and threw up violently. Grey bile spilled out of his mouth, and the white ground melted as the grey liquid landed on it. Kwao staggered and stumbled backwards as Adofo and Donkor struggled to hold him up. Akosua walked up to him, the bile bubbled on the white ground fizzed, then disappeared. Akosua touched his face and he opened his eyes. She reached into her sack and pulled her Aron. She shook it over Kwao’s head, its sound echoed with the sound of the wind in the trees. Slowly, Kwao began to look like himself again. The red in his eyes dissolved, as puffs of ash floated out of them. His tongue returned to a healthy pink hue as he coughed out ash. The skin on his arm moved as if the ash was rolling around right under it. It trailed down his arm then escaped through the tips of his fingers in small puffs of ash.. He straightened up and looked around. “What happened?” he asked, Akosua put her Aron back in the sack. “You were possessed by the Jab Jab,” she said. She turned and looked at the others; they were all facing the Jab Jabs anticipating an attack. The demons stood, as if stopped by an invincible wall, their red eyes wild, and their tongues hanging out of their mouths.